Critique my G+ plan

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Is this a good plan?

I’ll be using G+ sparingly, so I’m hoping to use it most efficiently.
These are the goals for AK on this day (RD to lunch at 12:30):

  • FOP
  • Navi
  • KS
  • Lion King show
  • Animation Experience
  • Wander around at Rafiki’s place while out there

These are the goals for HS that evening, starting roughly around 5ish:

  • ToT
  • SDD
  • TSM
  • Wonderful World Of Animation

This is how I thought I would approach G+

  1. 708 drop - grab up KS for mid-late morning. Really any time before 11:30 will be fine.
  2. Grab something else in AK at 908 - maybe EE since that isn’t incorporated, having just reopened?
  3. Snap up SDD during 1202 drop - aiming for any time after 5
  4. Grab ToT at 232 drop - also any time after 5
  5. What to do for TSM? Standby?

If I should do this differently let me know. I do wonder if I should get TSM at 708 and standby KS. My TP are built already without any LL so I know we can still manage to do the things in each park even if my attempts are unsuccessful and we are forced to standby. On this day I will not be doing any ILL$

Thanks for any feedback

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Does AK open at 7am? If so 908 works for ll2, if not then it’s 2 hours after AK opens. That could throw off your SDD drop plan. I don’t think TSM is that big of a priority to get it at 7am, plus that would definitely push your ll2 availability time back. I would just plan on doing TSM standby after or around SDD.


EE is 7
RD is 730

So 908 won’t work unless my KS is early so I can act at 908 after tapping in at KS?

Yes either tap into KS before 9:30 to book ll2 or wait til 9:30 to book ll2.


So really to make that 1202 SDD drop you want to make sure you book your ll2 sometime before 10 so in case your return time is later you still have that 2 hour window cleared by 1202.

Of course if ll2 can be used before noon I would just wait until 1202 for the drop to book ll3.


I could skip LL2 - that one’s not that important. So if nothing useful is available before noon I’ll skip it and then use the 1202 to book LL3

I would book something, anything, between 930 and 10. Then you can still book SDD at 1202.

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If I’ve. It booked anything in over 2 hrs wouldn’t I be eligible at 1202 anyway??

Yeah, but I don’t know why you’d waste that ll. You could book something in HS that would default to an after 2pm return time.

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I did not read other comments, but I think it is a good plan (Is it for today? if not, when?) My family & I are going in a month and we plan to rope drop & ride FOP, KS, EE and maybe Navi(depends on posted wait after riding FOP) without any Genie reservations and a show if time, back to resort & skip to HS like you. However, I’m worried SDD might not be available for Genie, so we would grab SDD first thing when park opens for 2:00 and then TOT 2 hours later and so on with MFSR and Rock & Roller and try to walk on ROR before closing. Am I being too worried about longer lines at HS and thus not fully utilizing Genie+? I always thought of AK as a 1/2 park day. Thanks!

It’s for my AK/HS day next week which I think is Sunday

Oh knife in the heart. She’s my very favorite. We have three partial days planned there and that won’t be enough for me.


Have you compared what a morning/afternoon at AK looks like without G+ versus HS? Because, it might be more effective to not use G+ at all in AK, and instead just start stacking them at HS instead while you are at AK.

If it is possible to get additional LLs while still in AK sooner than the 2 hour mark, perhaps it would still work to use it at AK…but from what I’ve been seeing/understanding, using it at HS is a better use of G+, particularly for stacking them in the park you are hopping to.


All of my plans are built without any G+ so if that makes more sense - to forego G+ at AK and just stack for HS - I can for sure do that.

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My critique: it needs more graphics and maybe a different font (Comic Sans maybe?).

Oh is that not what you meant?

I would be a little nervous waiting until 12:02 to get SDD especially if the 120 rule puts you off a little bit on timing or you are lost in a Jen’s Tattoo or something at that exact minute :blush: I would do that one first to know I had it, especially since the times get late quick and you are aiming for evening, and then use the morning in AK to RD something, book something else at 9:08 hopefully to use by 10 and then book again, and then do Rafikis / FotLK / Nomad to fill the 120 mins while you are waiting to book other LL at 12. Report on Lines app is that HS is basically gone by 2pm except Muppets so you only have a couple of chances to prebook and stack as it is for that park. So if you miss the 12:02 then there isn’t much other choice and I assume you’d rather wait in lines/putz around at AK than at HS.


I’m limited by the restrictions placed on me by forum gods. I am partial to Waltograph, personally, and I don’t see how that’s not an option in a Disney forum.

Good info.

I also just saw the article posted from a couple of days ago that says SDD is the very hardest of any one in all of WDW. I’ll change my tactic. I’m just nervous to get one that’s too early. What do I do then? Refresh and try again?


I hear you loud and clear. I have only been to Disney 4 times and I can’t tell you which park is my favorite because of obvious changes from year to year. I should have stated 1/2 day park for rides only at AK. Have a blast!

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Won’t it automatically start at 2pm for you since it’s not your APR park? Otherwise right at 7am may be better than the bumps at 7:08 7:17 etc. since it will advance quickly. That’s how I booked JC in MK just kept refreshing for a few mins until it got late enough.

My fave method to refresh was to click into the ride and push the LL symbol on the ride page instead of dragging down to refresh / setting faves.

Before 7am, I went to Tip Board and changed the park to the right one. Click into the ride I wanted and stayed on the ride page and clicked the LL symbol at 6:59:59. Then it scrolls you to the ride on the Tip Board. Check time, rinse and repeat. If you drag down to refresh it will go back to that ride as well until you click into another ride, but I liked to refresh by clicking the ride and then the LL symbol and only do “Book Experience” when you like the time.


Oh good point


Ah, that felt good.


Good point. Type posts in Word, screenshot, paste into forum as picture? :slightly_smiling_face:


But then people can’t quote me in the same way

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