Critique my dining reservations

Today was ADR day! Appreciate suggestions/advice. It is going to be hot, and this is a special trip for DD’s highschool graduation so we are making more reservations than normal. Arrival night is Boathouse at 8:30 PM. First day is Epcot. Creperie at 11 AM and Via Napoli at 6:30 PM. Next day is MK. BOG at 3:25 PM and after FW dessert party. AK day is flexible then dinner at Homecoming at 8:15 PM. We’re doing Topolinos on our DHS day at 5:45 PM. 2nd Epcot day is Teppan Edo at 5:50 PM and 2nd MK day is Kona Cafe at 10:50 AM and Steakhouse 71 at 6:45 PM. Final DHS day is open except for Ogas at 1:15 PM. Thanks!

I think that all looks great except maybe the creperie - it hasn’t had great reviews in the main.

Thanks! It is new for us. DD really likes crepes, but will do more research. Epcot has a lot of options

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It definitely has its fans so maybe you will love it - I think researching it so you know what to expect is a good idea. Epcot does have so many good options if you decide against it. And it has a QS window in case you didn’t know.

They are unlike any crepe I’ve ever had and I enjoy them as well, but not that place. Especially when Epcot has so many great options. I’d choose a different main meal and get a crepe from their take away window as a snack if you really want to try it.

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I second (third?) The creperie comments. I was so excited to bring my family there because my husbands family is from Brittany so he loves savory crepes and my kids are extremely familiar with and very interested in Nutella crepes so we thought they might actually sit still (spoiler - they did not) but the crepes were BAD like I didn’t finish mine bad. I also didn’t finish the hard cider…it was a super bummer. Even the sweet crepes weren’t very good.

I’ll add my agreement to the crepe-hate. I was very disappointed with what I had.

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We were at La Creperie in April. One and done for us.