Crib/pack-n-play for room

If i need to request a crib/pack-n-play for my room; when do it i do that?

What resort are you staying at? You can call and request but I have done that and there has not been one in the room. When that happened, I called from the room and they brought one. At AKL, I have never stayed in a room where there wasn’t one in the closest- but that has not been the case in every room.

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Poly - standard room.

I had to call when I stayed at Poly, even though it was CL and they fulfilled my room request. When I called they showed up in about 10 minutes. They carried it into the room and set it up!

you called when you got there? or ahead of time?

I called a head of time and they did not leave one in the room, so I called again from the room and they brought it right away.

ah, got it. do you remember how far in advance of your trip you called?

I believe it was about 30 days.

okay thanks!

Mewonders…is anyone not concerned about Bed Bugs in a pack n play? They don’t have the same kind of mattress protection that the beds do these days that can be washed regularly…unless what they offer isn’t quite the same as what we had with our own kids.

For our kids, when we travelled lightly, we instead had this pop-up tent-like bed thingy. It was a thin mattress that rolled up and encased in a zip up tent so that the child couldn’t get out of it. It packed down very easily.

Is this the sort of thing a person could rent through a company such as Kingdom Stroller?

As a Safe Sleep Ambassador in the back of my mind is the “what if” they are out of them. I suppose you could ask that they get one from another resort. But I’m wondering about a plan B. Babies are most at risk for sleep-related injury and death when they are sleeping away from home (because of the often make-shift sleeping arrangements or cobedding that can result).

Here is what we used:

It was great, unless your kids are little too old for it.

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That would be a no from this Safe Sleep Ambassador, though I’m glad it worked out safely for you.

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It is only if you don’t use it properly. It was recalled because people were not using it as designed and putting the mattress INSIDE the tent, instead of zipping it inside the floor of the tent to prevent entrapment.

The Pack N Play mattress is made completely out of plastic. I don’t think they would get bed bugs. I know that there are concerned parents out there that wipe down the entire thing but I am sure Disney washes them as well. These aren’t quite as nice as the ones we have at home, more industrial versions. The mattresses are completely separate and can be sanitized quite easily.

We also have an awesome toddler blow up mattress with sides that is approved for 15 months.

I could not fathom Disney being out of pack n plays! I think it’s a pretty “guaranteed” request. It doesn’t caveat on the room that it is a “request only” like connecting. Plus you book your baby into the room just like any other guest.

My experience at POFQ was that I requested a couple of times up front, but still had to call once I was in the room. DEFINITELY bring your own sheet though! I was not provided with a fitted sheet which is super unsafe for little babies. Although I have heard other families were given fitted sheets, I think kids would prefer their sheets to smell like home.

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As a mom of 4 and a nurse as well I have to agree with OBNurseNH. That contraption really does not look like a safe sleeping surface for a baby. Personally I would opt for a pack and play. I’m glad you had no trouble using it safely though!

@PrincipalTinker , that is interesting about AKL - we stayed there in February and did not have the requested Pack-and-Play in our room and there was nothing in the closet. When I went to the front desk I was given the choice of a Pack-and-Play or crib, and it arrived quickly, but I was a bit disappointed as we’ve always had one waiting in the room at cheaper hotels. Overall I thought we had significantly better service in our stays at POR than we did at AKL.

@ryan1 you can wipe the plastic down easily to clean, and every time we’ve used a Pack-and-Play at Disney it has come with a fitted sheet (correct brand so I don’t think you have to worry about safe sleep).

Kingdom strollers & several other companies do rent cribs. We looked into it for our youngest on our last trip.

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As a dad of 5 kids with a wife who researches everything for safety ad nauseum, you are mistaken. There have been millions sold and the exactly one death was due to misuse. It was recalled in 2012 nonetheless to prevent that, and even then only a limited number. It continues to sell. They just don’t recommend it for kids under 1.

It is safe. Don’t spread false statements otherwise under the guise of being a nurse. Especially since you haven’t used it and we have. We have seen how it works. We have researched it.

Technically, there have been far more deaths in pack n plays.

I do not want this turning into some type of heated discussion. What exactly was I mistaken on? All I stated was that the product you linked does not look like a safe sleeping surface for a baby. That is my opinion and not a “false statement”. There is no guise of a nurse. I am a licensed RN and as such I’ve had some training in safe sleeping surfaces for infants. Also, what you linked is titled “KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed”. An infant is a child under 1. This product, as you say, is not recommended for a child under 1 so either Amazon or the manufacturer is labeling this in a misleading way.

If it seemed like I was judging you or parent shaming you then I apologize. That was not my intent at all. Again, I am glad it worked out safely for your family.

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