Creepy photopass/memory maker

This isn’t a complaint, just an interesting observation…got back from our trip and downloaded our photos. There are a lot more ride photos than I even knew they were taking at the time. It’s almost like they were spying on us and now we’re spying on the others in our ride vehicles. I’m sure we sign away to implicitly allow this. Just interesting now that I’m scrolling through.

To continue the creepiness, I’ll bet we’d be surprised at how much of our vacations are recorded on security cameras. I have to imagine that they’re all around.


I filled out the Disney survey today and they asked me if they could cross reference my magic band to my survey results. i did say yes, even though it gave me pause. But they already know what I was doing and if it possibly helps improve anything, then okay.


I’ve read about people using all sorts of RFID blocking tech to ‘protect their privacy’ at Disney, but I figure they know I’m there (air travel, credit cards, hotel registration, etc) and more-or-less what I’m doing, and I really just don’t care. If I eat somewhere and get sick and it means I hit 20 bathrooms in the next few hours, they probably should know that as well and it’s their problem for snooping :joy: I wonder if they could track my son’s MB that went down the toilet at AK? That would be a fun one to figure out…

I would be curious to see if the length of time spent waiting for an attraction increases or decreases the chances of someone making a purchase immediately after riding. For me, it would certainly decrease as I am ready to just get somewhere else!

Would I want this in every aspect of my life? No. But honestly at Disney, they basically know what I’m doing anyway so use the information to make it a better place.


I was a little creeped out when I received an email from Disney offering to sell me attached photos they had taken of me, when I had not purchased a memory maker. I’m guessing they were from attractions for which I used my magic band to FP, but how the heck did they know which seat I was in?


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I think they track everything. Same with if you eat at Be Our Guest. They knew when we were looking for a table, then took the kids to the bathroom and about 5-7 minutes after we sat our food “magically” came to the table without anyone talking to us. It was both somewhat cool and somewhat unnerving. I’m guessing they can track how long we sleep, how long it takes to travel, to eat, etc.