Credit Card Rewards & Points General Thread

Have to love the Miles Earn and Burn blog’s more succinct outline of this info. :laughing:


and their funny ending reddit-pic.


I went to my local Office Depot to buy an Amazon GC with my ink card to replenish my Amazon account and discovered all the cards had been pulled! I then googled and found this…


I’m looking to use my upgraded boarding for a flight to PVR, that has a connection. If I buy the A1-15 upgrade in Chicago, will it carry over to the connection or do I need to pick which flight I use it on?

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Good question! Early bird is for all legs of the flight. And you don’t check in for each leg seperately.

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Right, but the upgraded boarding section specified “segment” which has broad definitions based on the airlines. I can’t find anything concrete on their website so I’m about to call.

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100% sure upgraded boarding only applies to one leg even if the second leg is a stopover on a single booking.

My business card had four upgraded boarding included and I learned that when I was booking them last year.

So on a flight to Miami that stops in BWI, I’d have to use two upgraded boardings per person if I wanted to have that for the whole flight.


Service rep on the phone double confirmed. It’s pretty shit that the one trip I want upgraded boarding for is a double tap. Now I’m trying to figure out which segment to upgrade. I’d think the first segment would be best as the second would have a naturally better position due to being checked in a few hours earlier?


Completely agree, if I book one trip I should have to use one upgrade.

Makes me want to say this line from resident alien. #Nsfw

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Possibly, depending on how many people have purchased early bird. They will be first then the people that checked in 24 hours prior. A earlier boarding position gets you closer to the front of the plane and earlier to get off the plane. Is it more important to get off earlier for your connection or your final destination? Also, are you going for the very first row of seats? If so, which flight is longer?

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Sometimes credit card offers are just trash.

My Amex Blue Business Plus card is actually a terrific overall card:

  • It is free
  • It earns 2 MR per $ spent
  • It holds Amex Membership Rewards active if you decide to close a more expensive MR earning card (like my $695/year Platinum.)

Currently the BB Plus as the following deal:

At first I thought, “OK, so I’ll get an extra point for any $ I spend on that card, that’s nice.” I’ll use this card or my Chase Ink Biz Unlimited (1.5x Chase UR per $ spent) when I don’t have a card with an active sign up bonus to work on.

BUT: Then I realize I have to spend the WHOLE $14,500 to get ANY extra points. and up to 3 times! Sure, I’ll spend $43.5K… Umm not.

If I wanted to make that kind of spend in the next 3 months, I’d fish around for one of the 250,000 MR bonuses on the Business Platinum.

Lesson: Always read the fine print and follow a few points and travel groups so you have at least an idea of what kind of offers are floating around out there.

Chances are I will have to go for this kind of offer eventually - once our cesspool is replaced (see previous post about DW’s new Ink Preferred bonus) and all the dirt has settled, we’ll have to hire a mason to build garden retaining walls and a new front path. 'Cause, I ain’t doing that again myself.) Good times. But at least I can mitigate the expense sting with some major points earning.

Even if I just earned 1 point per $ spend, that Biz Platinum bonus could easily be enough for a 5 or 6 night Swolphin booking, or a few serious business class flights to somewhere international.

Oh, yeah: AND I also have DD17’s college tuition coming up AND I learned that her SUNY does NOT charge a credit card fee. I will be paying our outlay using credit cards and funneling 529 dollars back to me to pay those suckers off.


I’m thinking early bird for the flight there, then do the upgrade departing Mexico and hope for the best on the connection home. Don’t need front row, but up close would be good.

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One good thing about tuition :joy:


I think I’m going to use a set of our A1-15’s upgrade on our MCO to CUN flight in Nov. I want to be the off sooner rather than later. It’s a short flight but that’s really my main advantage to being closer up in the plane. Otherwise, I pick the emergency exit seats if available.

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That college tuition thing is a great deal since they don’t charge the fee! We just purchased a new-to-us car and put down a nice chunk on the purchase. I asked about using my Disney Visa and learned that I could charge up to $5000 on it without paying a fee. Earned some nice rewards dollars there for that purchase! Glad I asked


Another Panera example that shows watching out for deals that can be stacked can result in some big savings.

My DW is a Panera devotee and gets terrific value out of the Sips Club (free drink every 2 hours) even if paying full price for it. But, we take advantage of free trials whenever possible for her.

I can get decent value out of the Panera cold drinks as well, but I’m not a fan of their coffee at all so usually not really worth my paying for it. I always let any free trials I use lapse… and within a month or four they’ll send me an offer for another 3 free months.

(I also have two different accounts set up so the free trials come in more often… SHhhhh.)

As we are getting nearer to our trip, both DW and I are running on free trials that will get us through the end of the summer.

Panera also loves to send all sorts of other deals and freebies: free cookies, bagels, half soup/sandwich/salad with some other purchase.

They also have deals on their own gift cards a few times a year - back around Father’s Day I bought $100 in gift cards to stock up our account for our trip and received $25 additional GCs (in the form of individual $5 codes) that could be used this month.

Today I received an offer: spend $5 and get a free half sandwich or salad, so I jumped on it:

  • Ordered half a Chicken Bacon Rancher sandwich
  • Added a half Fuji Apple Chicken Salad
  • Ordered a large iced tea

Total for all things: $22.77
Applied free Sips Club drink, added FREEHALFENTREE promo code.
Paid the remainder with two of the bonus $5 gift cards.

Total out of pocket: 31 cents.
Multiply that savings to a whole family’s worth of orders, maybe a few times a year and you’re talking real money. :slight_smile: :moneybag:

Pretty good meal for that. :slight_smile:


I have never eaten Panera.

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I really enjoy Panera, but it is very pricey. JJT has offered some great tips on how to make it less so!


I agree, I think you get about half the food you should for the price at Panera!

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Twice I bought $100 Panera gift cards with a 20% off deal, which we then use to go. This helps sort of bring down the price. As said, good food…just overpriced. It is actually WORSE than Disney prices it feels!

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