Credit Card Policy and Gift Cards

Hi! I have some money in gift cards and would like to use it to pay off what we charge via our magic bands. Our trip just started but is there a certain increment I need to go do this on? Can I call or do I need to just go to the front desk?

I do not know the increments with their new deposit thingy, but you definitely have to go to the desk.

I think they now charge the CC every three days or something, rather than based on amounts.

I would go to the front desk every couple of days and pay down what is due.

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Thank you!!!

We used to do it the same way you are considering. It worked great. But we don’t do that any more. On our last trip we simply used the gift cards for every purchase instead of the magic bands. Each receipt showed the gift card remaining balance, so it was easy to keep track and use them up entirely. When the GC’s were done, I used my credit card or cash directly. I know that approach isn’t for everyone, but I wanted to avoid the hassle of Disney’s new CC policy at the resorts. My credit card company sent me a text alert at 2 AM of the same day we were to check in (yes, 14 hours early) that Disney initiated a $100 hold, the CM at the front desk struggled explaining how the new CC temporary hold policy worked to begin with when we did check in, but I left with a zero balance on my guest folio invoice. A week later the $100 temporary hold came off my CC’s pending charge list. I’m happy how it worked out.


Thank you. I paid off last night and have just started paying with the gift card, it’s easier.