Creative ways to carry Touring Plan?

I don’t want to rely on my phone, and a standard 8.5x11 print/view from Touring Plans is not ideal either.

Does anyone have any creative ways to track their touring plans without electronics or printing their paper plan? Maybe 3x5 index cards?

Why not print on paper and then fold it to whatever size you need? That’s what I did, though I didn’t end up pulling it out while in the parks. By the time I’d played around with my TPs enough to get them finalized, I ended up with them memorized :slight_smile:


I was going to rely on my phone. However, after yesterday’s Amazon Web Services outage, I’m definitely going to bring a print out as a backup. I like your 3x5 index card idea since it is nice and compact, and maybe shove it through a laminator so it is protected from getting wet/bent/damaged.

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I printed them all out and secured them in report sleeves inside a folder. It was nice having them where I could read them and it took up very little room in my bookbag. I didn’t use a binder because it was hard on my back.

I’m not sure what the web services outage was, but if it would have screwed you out of web access to your plan, can’t you save a copy to a file directly on your phone instead of the web? That way, you won’t need web access. You can email the tp to others in your party and ask them to save a hard copy on their phone, as well as sending them the published tp link.


I planned to print mine out front and back on a 4x6 card for easy viewing and laminate it. Then it’ll work fine at the parks and I’ll be able to save it in my scrapbook easily since the basic pockets are 4x6 and 3x4 anyway. :slight_smile:

I’m also going to save mine as a screenshot on my phone.


Screenshot is good. I saved mine as a PDF so I didn’t have to worry about two screen shots, since my plans are usually too long for a single screen shot. Then, they’re saved to my phone. Personally, I worry more about wifi than I do about battery life on my phone; since I don’t need the Internet to read my PDF’s, I’m all set.


I bought a pack of 1/2 size sheet protectors at an office store. I fold my touring plan in half and insert it so that the steps show on one side and the map is on the other side. It fits in my purse and is water/rain proof!


I’m really liking the 3x5 card, laminated idea the more I think about it.

I just type it up in Note Pad type feature on my phone, and then screen shot it, and use it as my lock screen. That way it all fits, and saves battery, with no need for wifi. When you check the time on your phone its all there.

I can probably also just print the plan as is, laminate it, and cut them to size… then take pictures and use those as lock screen. that might be my best plan. I might experiment with that.

I like your note pad screenshot lock screen idea, great for a quick look to jog my memory of where we’re headed next.

I think I’ll also laminate 3x5 index cards as a waterproof cheat sheet that the kiddo can also look at too – so we’re not all fighting to look at the phone LOL.

I also like the idea of having the map that is on the Touring Plans. I think I’ll just cut that out and have it laminated on the back side of the index card for easy reference.

Y’all have some wonderful ideas. :slight_smile:

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What if you just took a photo on your phone of the plan on the screen? Or is it too big?

I copy and paste it into a Word table, then format to suit my eyes and print (but I would take a picture of it, if I needed it). Most plans are 1 page (MK is 2) with the map included on the other side.

I just had a thought: Get one of those cheap photo album books from Walmart (the single hole ones that hold about 20 pictures) Then you can stick your small papers or index cards in there to keep them from getting wet!

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I actually convinced DD6 to use one of those as a photograph/autograph book for this trip. It has Disney Princesses on it. We had it laying around not being used. She totally loved the idea! And I love that I don’t have to spend $10 on a pic/autograph book.

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I did my own excel sheet, color coded to Definites (FPP’s & ADR’s), Probably’s (My TP plan), and Maybe’s (alternative options). I spent so much time on my plans that I knew them by heart and never used them.

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Me too… I knew them off by heart. The only thing I had to use the plans for were the wait times.

@Tate - Sam and I are going with a friend and her 2 girls. they are first timers. If I miss a step in the plan, we won’t be able to backtrack since we are only spending 2 days in MK. The plans for both days are a bit aggressive. I’m excited but nervous. The mom friend knows that we won’t be able to do everything. I really don’t want to disappoint them. No Dave this trip. Just the girls! It’s going to be a blast!!

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You’ve changed your name. It sounds like a fun weekend. I wish we were going back next year, but I’m happy as we are going skiing instead.

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We are probably taking a family Thanksgiving holiday cruise this year. Hopefully Disney as family in Fall of 2018 at a moderate hotel - I have my eye on Port Orleans French Quarter. We visited the hotel during our Dec 2016 visit. It is small and quaint. Easy walk to the far back of the resort to the buses. Food court looked nice.

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