Creative Autograph Item suggestions

I am looking for a creative item to have the character autograph. Any suggestions.

This is our 7th trips, we have done…
-the standard autograph book, never looked at again.
-story-book, love but a bit heavy to carry
-picture mat, turned out great but also a bit hard to carry without it getting bent.
-8x10 poster, probably the easiest to deal with. Rolled up in our back-pack. Looks great framed.
-park map, not as neat as I had hoped. Ended up making some drink coaster which turned out really cute.
-postcards, couldn’t find most characters and haven’t done anything with them.

That’s quite the list! I haven’t done this personally, but have read about people bringing a pillowcase or tshirt and having them sign with fabric markers. Someone suggested bringing an embroidery hoop to both stretch the area you want signed and to only use one layer so the markers don’t bleed through.

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Get an ear hat (not a mouse ear headband), and use a white oil sharpie to have characters autograph it. You may not be able to fit quite as many on, so save the most prominent spots for favorite characters. Not my photo, but for example:


That’s a cute idea.

Or you could try having them sign a bag like this example - image

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I like that, useful too. Wonder if a draw-string backpack would work as well for my son.

You know the ears don’t have a lot of space and when you get home how often will you wear the ear? Probably never. The bags on the other hand are just the thing. My wife uses hers for shopping and she gets more comment about them than you can believe. Seems everyone loves Mickey and Autographs. I go for them. Least you can use them.

We did pillow cases and I love how they turned out!

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Where did you find these? So cute!

We got them from a friend of mine who is a Thirty-One Consultant!

In the past we have done the autograph book and a photo mat. The photo mat turned out wonderfully, but even with a backpack it was a pain to carry around and I was always worried about damaging it.
For our next trip we are bringing a large blank Vinylmation Mickey for the characters to sign.

I love the pillowcase and hat ideas!

I love the tote bag and pillow case idea! For our first trip we had characters sign the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters book. My kids LOVE it and look at it all the time. I was struggling to find another idea for our upcoming trip and didn’t plan far enough in advance to do the tote or pillow case. My local Barnes and Noble saved the day! I just purchased the Disney Tsum Tsum ultimate sticker collection. It will be a great activity for the plane ride and has signature sheets in the book that characters can sign. YES!

We bought a Pluto hat with long bill at park and had characters sign it with a sharpie

I’m surprised other characters signed it. Disney is usually really strict about characters not signing something that is another character.

You can also get blank pillow cases like this at Hobby Lobby if you have one local or you can order them online.

This time around I was going to take a photo on my phone and then have the character sign the photo with a stylos or finger for face characters. Not sure how well that will work for costumed characters, but like you, I’m all out of ideas.

This sounds like a really good idea. Maybe grab a really fat stylus for them to use.

Have done a pair of sneakers that turned out really cute! Use white Ked style sneakers and either sharpie or fabric markers. Carry 1 shoe per day to lighten the load!

If you’re a quilter, you could bring quilting squares.