Creating TPs for Last Day

So, I’m at the 92-day mark when it is suggested to start working on my TPs. Does anyone else get depressed when creating the TPs for the final day of a trip? My trip to WDW doesn’t even begin for another three months, yet I am sad because I know it will end. Is that pathetic, or what?


Not depressed, but aware that I will be sad at the end of that day. I usually leave MK for the end, because my final day there is kind of a landmark for the ending of the vacation. It lets me leave on a high, so to speak.

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I always leave MK for the end too for the same reason. Unfortunately, this time our last day falls on the same day as MNSSHP, which we won’t be attending, so we won’t be able to stay late and get the usual “kiss good night.” So maybe that is what is adding to my sadness.

I presume you’re not attending the party on another night?

No. But we’ll be at MK on a couple of other non-party nights so we should have a chance to see Wishes – just not on our last day.

I’m not sure about my last day either, had originally planned MK with BOG but we are now doing the MVMCP earlier in the week, and we only want one night at MK. Current plan is MK in the morning, rest, then 4pm Ohana and see what everyone wants to do. If wishes on your last night is a must, you could always end up at a Monorail resort or the TTC.

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