Creating Extra Magic

I’ve read a bit about this idea of creating extra magic for your children/family and others during your trip to WDW. I know Tinkerbell gifts and tip holders for Mousekeeping are two suggestions mentioned a lot. I would love to hear what other things folks have done to add some magic to their trips. Thanks!

There’s something about gems at Philharmagic. Google it. Used to be a good one w/ a golf ball on Soarin but we have a new film…maybe there’s something new there?

Nothing new to catch on Soarin. Yes gem trick is good. Maybe sign up for fairy god mailers. Have something sent to your kids before the trip?

Also something to with gems on 7DMT?

Perhaps ice-cubes on Frozen?

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Oooo that sounds good…I could slip them down the kids backs!! :joy::joy:


If you are looking for sharing magic with others I have heard two good ideas recently.

  1. Create pressed penny starter kits: in a small baggy put a penny and quarters and hand them out near a pressed penny machine

  2. Buy a balloon for the next guest.


Can anyone expound on the gems at Philharmagic?

During the show there is a 3D effect that gems and pearl necklaces seems to float towards you. If you have a plastic ruby “gem” (like you can buy at Michael’s)- you can “catch” one of the gems and give to a child.

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These are thrown by Ariel in her scene.

Grab yeti fur on EE.after doing this twice our last trip. Ds6 asked me to stop,because I was hurting the yeti!!! Wife had gone to a fabric store to get a small amount of yeti like fur.


I love the balloon idea! Thank you @PrincipalTinker!

Love this idea too! Thank you!

@jenniemouse, this is the first time I’ve heard of fairy god mailers. I’ll have to check into that more. Thank you!

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There’s a Google sheet on here to sign up somewhere. When’s the trip?

We also did gems on 7d. When going through the mine scene, pretend to scoop up and handful. We gave them to DSs at the end of the ride. They keep me in their night stands as treasure :wink:

We are going in December, but it will be a surprise for our kids, so I might just have to flip it and have the kids be a Fairy God Mailer while we are there. I like the idea of having them pay it forward to other kids.

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This is so cool! I’m going October with my family, including my sister and her husband, both of whom have special needs. I might need to do some of this for them. Has anyone traveled with kids or adults with special needs and tried some of these extra magic ideas?

And if I may ask, what’s a Fairy God Mailer?

Oh! Just thought the same concept could work on some attractions at Universal. Would be easy to “catch” the golden snitch on Forbidden Journey…