Creating a TP with all the new G+/ILL nonsense

We finally have another WDW trip booked for this fall but all my excitement to create a TP is gone now with all the new G+/ILL stuff. But I would like to have an idea of how much to budget each day for the add-ons. We will have early entry and we will be skipping some of the big thrill rides, so we might be able to get away with Genie+ at one park with no ILL and only ILL at another. But there are so many variables now it seems overwhelming to create a usable TP. I also feel like so much will change between now and then. For example, Guardians will bump something from ILL to G+ and that will completely change my plan. And if I only care about FEA, Soarin, and Ratatouille, it seems wasteful to pay for 1 ILL and Genie+ for just two rides.

Any tips? Or share your TP to show me I’m overthinking this? We’ll have 3 grandparents, DH and me, DS5 and DS2 with 3 park days at MK, HS, and EP.


I would normally have already started making plans for our July trip but like you, I don’t really know where to start.


I honestly think the best thing to do is make a list of what you want to do, identify the ILL on that list and plan to buy those (identify a target time as well), and then identify your RD and next two standby rides using early entry.

Then I think you just ride the wave :woman_shrugging:t2:


This is the part I’m struggling with.

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Well, your list helps you create your Genie Day :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so that’s why you need that. And I would prioritize things on that list in order of importance and time savings by LL them. Add three or four to the Genie Day at a time using that priority list (too many and it’s too hard to manage IMO) and go from there, adding the next one(s) to the Genie Day as you go in order to search for LL opportunities

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That’s kind of what I’m planning for this weekend.

For MK - I’m hoping I can still sort of run it like I used to with FPP but we’ll see. We will G+ but no ILL

For EP - I’m going to use a TP because we aren’t doing G+ but will do ILL

For DHS - I’m basically trying to line out when I will book what and when I already have built in 120 min periods (meals, shows, etc). That way I can book later stuff the and then not care about having to wait until I can book again. We plan to ILL and G+ there.

I’m all cases, I’m dumping stuff into a plan so that I can optimize on the day and also see if everything basically fits in the amount of time. I’m not worried about order right now at all.


So literally doing all that on the day? This is what I don’t like. I have tried already doing our first park day on MDE by picking our must do attractions and this is what I get, I assume it will look different on the actual day?

No make your priority list ahead of time just as you would with any Touringplan and identify the order of importance to you as well as the individual lightning lanes and target times for those individual lightning lanes. The rest unfortunately does have to be done on the day which is what is a pain in the ass. But you can still do some of the pre-work ahead of time. I had a whole Touringplans designed that I couldn’t even use so that’s why I’m suggesting the list method instead.

Click edit my selections and add the items there.

That just takes me back to the bit I already did, picking a park and attractions. Maybe it’s a U.K. thing, we can’t see the tip board either.


What I’m doing to plan is to pick out my first G+ and then two backups for that. My thought is that the first G+ is extremely important since the 2-hour clock doesn’t start until park open. I want my first G+ to be something worth getting a G+ and starting before park open+2 hours.

I’ll be park hopping with mid-day break so for all after my first G+ I’ll get at the second park starting with the hardest to get (farthest out).

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I arrive on Friday.

What I have done is build out TPs for each day/park as if I do not have any G+ or ILL options. Each TP includes everything I would like to accomplish and I know that it should be achievable based upon the plan.

Once I add G+ or ILLs, I am hoping that it will open up some breathing room in the plans and I will then be able to add other things as they are available.

We will see if this works.

Theoretically, TP is updating the ability to include G+ and ILLs into custom plans soon (latest we heard was 2nd week of January…which is now!). Hopefully that will help everyone plan a bit better!


When you say add that to your Genie day, is that building a TP here or in the new Disney Genie app?

It’s not a new app, it’s on MDE.

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That’s helpful. Thanks! I think we’ll also do G+ for MK and spend all the money for HS. Epcot is the tricky one because it doesn’t seem worth it to G+ just for 2 rides but I would also be sad to miss Soarin if the line is too long. I should probably look into afternoon/evening wait times for those rides. Maybe that would give me more confidence in waiting standby.

The genie app

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That’s a great point. I guess I could pick 1-2 early entry rides, prioritize my first G+, and then a list of filler/walkon rides to do while waiting for that 2 hour clock to run out. That gives me a framework!

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The good news is that there is some data now to look at.

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