Creating a TP, can you over-ride certain features to make it easier to use?

Hey there. I am wondering if there is a work around to building a TP here. I.e. can the below feature be over-ridden when building a TP.

I built a simple afternoon EP scenario into a TP for a Saturday for a trip for a friend.

I’m having so much trouble getting it to do what I want (and what I used to be able to do a long while back) with the evaluate button (maybe user error vs. too many complicated programming guard rails or both?).

I just want the program to evaluate how long a list of afternoon/evening attractions (entering at 3.45pm from the IG gate and staying till 8pm or so) would be, assuming most would be LL.

By my friend’s visit date, I am sure I will have figured out a strategy to help her get a bunch of stacked LL’s from 4pm-8pm. However, rather than letting me just select that she WILL have an LL and input an estimated return time for the purposes of planning, it wants me to tell them at what precise time I’ll be booking the LL, so they can tell me when the estimated return time will be.

This results in a comedy of trial and error (if I book at this time, will I get the right window, if I book at that time, etc).

This guessing game isn’t fun, and I seriously may need to back out of my offer to this friend to help her with a plan for a short visit b/c I don’t have this kind of time to devote to it.

I just want to know that with the distance it takes to walk between attractions alongside the estimated wait time and ride time, whether or not a proposed set of attractions is logical/achievable.

Reminds me way back in 2014 when they had temporarily ‘hard coded’ logic that didn’t allow more than a certain number of Fast Passes to be inputted in a TP- even though everyone here in this forum had all sorts of ways of accumulating FP’s after the original 3.

Any advice? Should I tell her to get a TP subscription and play around? I used to love building TPs but this is tricky.


I think Epcot is a hard park to plan a TP. What I’ve been doing is putting in what I want to do and putting that I’m NOT getting G+. This then gives me a list of what I want to do. I know the order that I need to book LLs as far as priority goes. I then live update on the app while I’m in the park when I input my LL times. I haven’t found a good way to make a TP otherwise. Using the live update on the app is much more crucial now while in the park. Once your friend has LLs stacked, they will just go from LL to LL.

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Ever since they did the - “here is when you can pick up your next LL, and you should pick up this one” I havent been able to get a TP to work like you describe.

And what you want is EXACTLY how I like to use it.

Honestly, the best I can do is move the entry time earlier, set it to fastest walking speed and switch out super long lines (that I know I will ha e an LL for) with a nearby ride and then evaluate to see if it is coming close to working.

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Will your friend be doing Remy, TT, Frozen, Mission Space & Soarin?

There is a way to do what you want in Touring Plans. There’s an advanced setting where you can put in LL return times and tell the software to use them no matter what.

I highly recommend using and choosing a day in the past that you anticipate will have a similar crowd level to the day you’re planning and choose LL return times based on that data.


Well thank you! I finally figured out how to do this.

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Oooh. Advanced setting. That sounds promising. Where do I go to set this?

And, yes, thanks for the advice on thrill data.

Also, there are so many great threads on this forum that give advice on stacking EP, and how get TT, FEA, I plan to triage a bunch of the advice to help her out.

I really do enjoy making TPs.

When I went to Disney Paris last summer for just 1.5 days on the tail end of a European vacation, I didn’t have a TP option so I had to pull from a bunch of different blogs and touring plan posts to create a plan of action. The evening plan worked amazing (it was walk on every ride). I had sooo debated extending our trip by a day and/also spending the night at a Disney resort (given the expense), but it was really worth it, especially the evening park time, which was a ghost town in the middle of summer.

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It looks like I have missed some options, but 100% try the desktop because the advances features are never in the app.

I can’t see how to do it in the app, but here’s how you do it on the computer.

I’m stealing screenshots from a Touring plans Blog article: Step-By-Step Guide: Make and Use a Touring Plan On the Web (Including Lightning Lane) | Blog

Click the blue Advanced Options:

Then Configure Additional Return Times

Put in your best guesstimates and save:

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This is what I ended up doing for my friend. Luckily she has only bought G+ for her HS days so the other plans should be fairly accurate.

I still couldn’t get it to use them.

It works for me:

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Actually, it did work when I made the initial plans. It was when I went back in to optimise just before the trip that it all went wrong. It just wouldn’t use them, even though I still had it set to force them to be used. Anyway, she’s there now so I won’t be looking at them again. But I’ll give it a go again next time I’m planning.

There must be some bugs still. It happened to me too the one time I evaluated, it deleted the additional return times so I had to enter them again.

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Thx for these tips. I’ll try it later this week when I have some more time.

Not using G+ results in it not completing the TP b/c it says it will be after park close as she can’t get to the park till 2pm.

I’m assuming VQ for Guardians is out for her, correct, since even if she gets it using BG1, she won’t be in the park till later.

For everything else, I’m assuming with stacking beginning at park opening (and now modify feature) she’ll be able to snag at least 2 of the three Rhemy, FEA and TT, and ILL guardians. Soarin seems to stay available.

If TT is down during her LL maybe she will get lucky with an anytime.

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You can ride Guardians at any time after your BG is called.

On the “Edit Return Times” screen at the bottom it states;
While you’re executing the plan in the parks, you can use our Lines app to input the precise “obtained at” and “return at” times and then recalculate your plan.
I can not see this “obtained at” and “return at” on the App. My trip has not started yet. Could that be the reason why?

I just checked on my plan for next week and I couldn’t see how to do it either. So my guess is that you can only see the option on the day as you suggested.

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This 100% worked for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending much gratitude your way. I did have to recreate the plan from scratch, and indicate I would not be buying G+, but would be buying ILL, and then just put all my return times in the Advance ‘DAS’ feature. I optimized the first time, and then as I moved stuff around, I evaluated, and/also changed my target return times.

I thought recreating would be hard, but I just took a snapshot of the original, then just clicked on all the things that were in the plan, including the restaurant. Way faster than trying to unwind my way out of the crazy that was the initial G+ stuff.

This allows me to 1) think about walking distances and order of rides and 2) what the target LL time would be optimal to try and get for a particular ride given the distance between rides and desire not to back track and 3) then what ILL for Guardians to target give the above variables.

Phew. Thank you again.