Creating a personalized TP with Maxpass

I’m trying to create some personalized TP’s with MaxPass for our 5 day trip. I have a notion of what we want to do in what order for a variety of different reason including small kids who have never been to any theme park needing to be warmed up (I’m using evaluate, not optimize). Is there anyway I can use evaluate for my ride order but optimize for my FastPass plans? Like have the overlords tell me which FP’s to use when, but not change the general ordering of things.

I’m going, for the first time, in Sept. I do have MP as well. When I did my first draft, Optimize, it told me my best MaxPass order. After playing with the plan and Evaluating it I would see I needed to rearrange or change my MPs.

As I understand it and the way TP displays it too, you can get another MP as soon as you finish with the one you have OR 90 minutes after selecting the first one. (So… if it’s 8am and you grab an 11am Space Mt. MP you can get another at 9:30am - even though you haven’t used the first)

Anytime in my plan that I rearrange and evaluate and see a MaxPass step with “wait time” I know that’s how long I have to wait before I can actually select it. So I might put in a MP step in my TP for 1pm, but TP knows the MP system won’t give me another until 1:30pm and will display a 30 minute wait time.

Does that help?

Thanks. It sort of helps, but really what I’m trying to figure out is what FP’s are available at each booking and which I should expect to be able to get for what time.

So, like, if I’m going to Pixar Pier first thing, what FP should I book as soon as I walk in the gate and when should I expect it to be for. And once I am eligible to book again, will I be able to get another FP for a major Pixar Pier ride or should I then start focusing my bookings on Cars Land where I’ll be in the afternoon. Mostly this matters in trying to figure out when to schedule lunch and the transition from Pixar Pier to Cars Land.

I do get messages like this:


when TP predicts all FastPass/ MaxPass are gone for the day.

I suppose the best approach is probably just going to be to use “common sense.” Like, if I’m ready to book in the morning, I should just look at the afternoon, pick the most popular ride, and see if TP predicts it will be available.

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Yeah, you should be able to figure it out that way. I spent time manually arranging FP’s in touring plans for my trip and it worked out well. I did do some prework of checking availability for on days with similar expected crowds to verify my planned order. For instance, I wanted to FP radiator springs in our first day for a ride after dark. Typically the FP return window around 6 pm was available sometime between 10:30-11:30 am. So I based the rest of my touring plan FP’s on making sure we were able to get one in that time frame. Went way overboard and tried charting return times for all of the FP’s, but it was taking a lot of time…couldn’t find a good online source for this info, so I’d just trust Touring Plans