Creating a Disney Account for Teenager With Fastpasses

OK, I wasn’t really thinking through everything when I set up our Fastpasses at day 60 in that my 13 year old daughter has a phone but doesn’t have a Disney account. Now, I can see that I can “share planning with her” and that her Fastpasses will transfer to her account…but then there was something about Fastpasses can be overwritten.

Paranoia… paranoia… It sounds like it should be easy, but after spending most of the last month selecting, refreshing and updating Fastpasses (including Slinky Dog and 7 Dwarfs), I’m hesitant to do ANYTHING that might screw things up.

Is this really as easy-peasy as it looks, or do I just keep the status quo (mom & I managing her FastPasses) for our Disney trip.

Why can’t you just sign in on your account on her phone?

Why can’t you just sign in on your account on her phone?

Good question. I assume that means two people could be logged onto the same account simultaneously, and, say trying to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance…

Yes they can. Why do you want her to have her own account? Unless she’s going off on her own, she doesn’t need one. And if she has access to your FPs, either using your account on her phone or her own account, she can change or cancel them. Same with ADRs.

We keep one account that me, DH, and ODS (this will be his first trip with his own phone) all log into. Biggest risk is one of them canceling/changing important plans (ADRs or FPs).