Crazy Morning

I don’t know. Seems weird that Disney could have a technical issue like that…

Well, the source is infamous for being wrong, so I won’t panic until I see an official statement from WDW. That said, what happens to people who got bookings? Or those who modified existing ones? :thinking:

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…hmm wonder if they will cancel the reservations (I did not make any)

According to the article:

I did screen shot all confirmation numbers. I made big changes to my trip with increased dining so I really hope it’s honored. Wont be end of world if not but fingers crossed either way.

Did you get confirmation emails?

Are the ADR’s showing up in MDE?

I did get emails for the ones I changed and they currently show in MDE. But I screenshotted everything just in case.

Yes to both for me too. But I did the same as @ninjasherrie.

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I changed a time in MDE for an ADR I already had.

Yes I have confirmation emails and it’s all in MDE (for now) :crazy_face:

What I am really wondering is, was my ability to get a park pass at DHS this morning part of the glitch today? Because it had been full for weeks before now.

I think it was the glitch. All of Dec (including 12/1) has been full for a while and still showing full currently for HS. Lucky you!

This is probably explains why MDE was glitchy when I was trying to check in for lunch ADR today- I kept getting an error message saying the reservation system was unavailable.

So crazy! The entire time I was like how is this happening?? LOL I hope it all sticks!

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New Reservations Booked Due to Disney World Dining Glitch Will Be Automatically Canceled

@ninjasherrie @zetafivealpha @DeepInTheHeartofTexas What is the status of the reservations you booked the other day?

Ugh. I didn’t make any new reservations, but I did modify ones I already had. Wonder if they’ll get cancelled?

Well according to the story, you will get a $25 gift card. FWIW.

As of this moment, my two modified reservations are intact.

This sounds like a mess.

It clearly isn’t as simple as some people adding new reservations they didn’t have before. Like you, they possibly traded one reservation for another, or in some cases they even changed their park reservations based on the glitch. And if your reservation you traded for is now snatched up by someone else? Well, are they going to take that “legitimate” reservation away from them so that you can have yours back?

This seems like it was a serious snafu.

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What kind of modification, change of time, date or place or a combination of the three?