Crazy Monday Crowds?

I’m curious–there hasn’t been a single day in September with a crowd level over 6/DL and 5/CA. We’re scheduled to go 10/2-10/4, and Monday 10/4 is predicted to be 9/DL and 10/CA. Why?

The recent historical crowd reports haven’t shown particularly crazy numbers on Mondays, compared to the weekends. Is there some event I don’t know about? Are the predictions just inaccurate? Is it going to be so crowded that I hate the whole day and vow never to return? So many questions.

Even 9’s & 10’s are doable with a plan. You can see accuracy of predictions on the TP blog.

Based on the way that the Magic Key blackout dates for the pass that blocks out the busiest times of the year, October has become one of those busier times with every Saturday being blocked out - this is the pass that is the least restrictive (the no blackouts pass aside) than any of the other passes that do include blockouts.

I’m not sure why Monday would be so high, but when it’s busy, Monday mornings can feel just as busy as a weekend. My theory is that Mondays are staffed at a lower level/have a slightly later park opening time with with the crowds being nearly as busy a day as Sunday or Friday with people extending their a weekend trip on the backside of the weekend combined with many families starting out their full length 5 day only trips (that are generally cheaper to do over the weekdays so logically starting out on Monday).

But yes, even with a solid strategy to start your day in the park (and then with DL because it is less predictable) following the low waits from their DL app after those first few hours, you can get a lot accomplished.

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