Crazy (like a fox?) idea for Morning EMH at Epcot

Next Tuesday (08DEC15), Epcot has Morning EMH. Magic Kingdom does not. I was wondering if I might save a bit of headache by parking at the TTC and catching the monorail down to Epcot. I imagine the parking lot at MK will be pretty light 1.5-2 hours before rope drop. That would give us plenty of time to catch a ride down to Epcot in time for their opening.

Does the TTC-Epcot Monorail start this early?
Am I gaining anything, or just indulging my inner-10-year-old’s desire to ride the TTC-Epcot monorail?

As I was reading your post my first thought was : why not drive directly to Epcot? Then I saw it was for your 10 year old to ride the monorail. That sounds like fun!

That would be inner 10 year. Not sure that the monorail would be running check to be sure first