Crazy high Sept resort prices

Fl resident/passholder thinking of a fairly last minute trip weekend of 9/14 for just a night or two. All the podcasts including Len’s are saying reservations are way down and touring plan’s crowd calendar reflects that as well. So imagine my surprise when I look into booking a hotel and see $240 for the allstars, 388 coronado and over $1000 for boardwalk per night. And these are passholder rates! What am I missing? One would think if they need visitors they’d offer more reasonable and enticing rates. Is there a run Disney or some other event (besides f&w and mnss) that weekend I am unaware of?

That is weird. I booked CSR last night for a passholder rate, plus an extra adult for $224 at the end of the month. When I first looked it was $197: but when I went back, there was only water view.

It seems as if the rates are going up and down. I just saw CB for $174.

MDE does not always show the lowest available rate in the resort list. I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug, but if you click on the the resort link from the main list there will sometimes be a lower priced room class available.

pretty sure any availability at EP area resorts during F&W are going to be at a premium

Thanks, yeah I’ll keep trying just seemed so odd especially for September. And yes boardwalk is nuts during f&w!

How nuts are we talking? My family will be there next week for vacation and a DI class. All the parks are showing pretty much 1s all week - but I know that has to do with wait times and not necessarily crowd levels. I’m hoping it’s not a mad house.

Nuts with regards to pricing, not crowds you should enjoy a very nice week.

Phew. :grin:

This sounds like an AllStar Music family suite and a Coronado Jr Suite. Do you have 5 or more people in your party? Standard rooms at these resorts sleep up to 4, but family suites and CS Jr suites can sleep more. The Disney website shows you any room that is available at each resort that fits your party.

Boardwalk may be out of regular rooms because of F&W so that may be a specialty suite or club level.

Also, the Disney website adds in the adult occupancy fee in the price they show. It’s $35 per each extra adult at a Deluxe resort, $25 at Moderates and $15 at Value resorts.

This^^ always check the resort. MDE tends to default to a higher priced rooms in my experience. AKL does this all the time (defaults to Savannah view even when both Pool and standard are left). OKW defaulted to a 2 bedroom when 1 bedrooms were available and fit my party.