Crane at MK?

Ive been watching the live stream of the castle from the polynesian and I’ve noted that there is a large crane near the castle daily. We will arrive at the polynesian on Saturday and one of the things I’m most looking forward to is the view of the castle. I’m a big picture person too. The crane definitely seems to take away from the magic. I understand that it is likely there to take the Christmas lights down but I’m wondering how long is it usually up? Will it be there all day? How does that work with getting shots of the castle? We splurged on a theme park view at the poly and I’m sure that’s not something that will be possible again for us any time in the next several years. Thoughts?

I think it’s typically there for about a month, but in different positions, and sometimes “down”. I had “crane pictures” on one of my trips and removed it with Photoshop. If you have the software (or a similar product) it’s about a 5 minute fix. Last year, someone on chat was volunteering to do it for free for anyone who wanted his services

While we were there last week, they had the crane up during the day and down during the fireworks, so we were able to get some decent photos.

Didn’t the crane have its own Twitter and/or Instagram account? Or maybe it was just a hashtag? I remember seeing some hysterical pics around this time last year.