CP Lunch or Dinner?

Originally we had CP breakfast but my dd8 whined that while she loved it, she was done with Pooh :frowning: The kids chose Ohana instead and we are happy with that foodwise and the fact that we’re staying at the Poly. BUT, now DS4 is in love with Pooh and all of his friends. We were planning on QS for dinner at MK since we were doing CRT for breakfast. I don’t think we would be ready to eat lunch but was thinking maybe we’d shoot for an ADR that was somewhere in between lunch and dinner.
Are the lunch and dinner menus the same?

Gotta really sell this to DH since he still isn’t sold on CRT for that morning $$$ :slight_smile:


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MDE lists the same types of food, tho they might not be the exact same items all day:

If ds doesn’t want to do the princess thing, and dd doesn’t wanna do Pooh, sounds like an easy way for Mom&Daughter / Dad&Son time (and cheaper, too!)


Yeah, usually places have a better “feel” for either lunch or dinner so wasn’t sure as we’ve always done breakfast (but gone are the days of getting there early and before people)

DS is fine doing anything, it’s DD8 that is getting picky but we don’t divide, family vacation means we all do the same thing :slight_smile:

I believe the menus are the same for lunch or dinner.

We had dinner there last year and my only tip is be prepared to be there for at least 2 hours. The character cycle takes a while and there are those parade through the restaurant moments that add time, whether you participate or not.

The lunch may be a slightly shorter experience because they are more apt to try to turn the tables faster in the earlier part of the day.

I hear what you’re saying because that’s how we operate as well. However last April we did split up for one day (they went to Universal, and I did solo MK, brunch at CG with locals and Liners, and afternoon with a talking black and white cat) and it was so good for us. It also reassured me that not spending every single solitary second together doesn’t make it less of a family vacation. I would consider splitting for a short period of time again in the future while maintaining the overwhelming majority of our time together.

Maybe think it over.

Wow, good to know. we usually get out of there in just over an hour in the morning!

Not when they are only just turned 8 and 4. DD can get over it and go to Pooh and deal :slight_smile: It wont kill her and I bet she’ll have fun. This age, we don’t want to miss moments and interactions. We separate for rides and things the little guy can’t do, but meals we can eat together.


I’ve recently read of people ditching the last character meet in favor getting on with their evening. Especially if no one is still eating.

I try to take our time a buffets with characters so we don’t feel awkward hogging a table. It’s certainly not the guests fault that the process takes time, but when you know there are dozens of people on the porch waiting to come in, it can feel weird.

I go into graze mode. LOL

Have done (only morning), and we were there a solid 90 minutes by that time.

CP is unbelievably slow WRT character meets. Plan accordingly.

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