CP brkfast worth a TS credit?

For our Feb/Mar 2016 trip, I’m plotting out our high level schedule so that I can make ADR’s in a few weeks.
Do you think going to breakfast at Crystal Palace (pre-RD) is worth a table service credit? Or would I be better off using it for lunch/early dinner somewhere in Downtown Disney on the last day of our stay? I haven’t explored the dining options at DTD and see mixed reviews about CP breakfast.
It will be myself, DH, DS5, and DD2 (almost 3!). My kids like the characters but they aren’t an absolute-must!

It’s a great value for being a single TS credit, considering you get characters AND entry to the park before everyone else.

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Pre RD CP is one of my favorite ADRS definitely worth 1 TS credit

Thanks for confirming! I must admit - I teared up a bit during the MK welcome show when we took our kids for the first time earlier this year. Being inside the park before the crowds would be a nice experience too!

I guess CP is the way to go - plus, with an ADR to work around, we can just wing-it the last day since we won’t be on a strict schedule!

I think it depends a bit on a few factors. Where else are you dining on the trip? Do you have ADRs later that day? Are you big eaters in the morning? In general, character buffets are the best deal with the dining plan because they are the most expensive meals, whereas most single credit table service lunches are going to be cheaper when you pay OOP.

My take on CP breakfast is that the food is ok and the characters are good. The atmosphere is nice. The pre-RD reservations are super popular, but when we did it for Akershus, it really was not a help and actually more of a hindrance because it was a lengthy meal.

We are staying 5 nights (Sun-Fri) at BLT and will have 3-day base tix. Here is what our schedule looks like as far as meals go:

Sunday - TS credit for Ohana dinner
Monday (pool/explore Day!) - CS credits for breakfast or lunch (undecided location), CS credits for dinner @ Boardwalk Bakery
Tuesday (full day at MK) - TS brkfast at Crystal Palace, CS credits for lunch/dinner at MK
Wednesday (full day at Epcot with a late start) - CS/snack credits for lunch at Epcot, TS Dinner at Epcot (undecided location?!)
Thurs (RD/Half day at Hollywood Studios) - CS/snack credits for lunch at HS, TS credits for HoopDeeDoo dinner
Fri - pool, checkout, etc. DTD?

We will eat breakfast most days in our room. Since the DDP offers a lot of food, we can usually split 2 or 3 CS credits between the 4 of us - maybe supplement with a snack!

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I think it sounds like a good plan! Depending on how early you can get it, though, you might want to consider doing it as either a later breakfast or as a lunch so that you can still do RD for rides.

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