CP Breakfast, RD, and EMH

We have an ADR for a 7:05 breakfast at CP on a day with a 7AM EMH open. Will we be allowed early entry since RD will technically be before our reservation?


Got to say that I typed all those acronyms without even thinking (and I think they’re all correct), so I think I might be spending too much time here.

they might let you in about 15-20 minutes early.

I have to say though, you’re missing out on the EMH by having breakfast during that time. It’s not really the best way to use EMH. you’ll be finishing up b’fast just when the general population are entering and all the attraction waits are gonna go up.

Was this not the plan? Did the hours change on you? You might want to see if there’s a later ADR for CP and use the EMH for getting on those attractions with low waits

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I agree with @DarthDopey re: CP breakfast during EMH being an ineffective use of time. If you could reschedule that meal for 10:00, you’d have three hours to hit major attractions during the slower time of day, then breakfast. Potentially set your FPP up for after breakfast and get even more done then.


Yeah that makes sense but the trip is just 21 days out and the ADRs are hard to come by, in fact, until yesterday there had been no character breakfasts available in MK at any time during our stay. Here are the 2 plans I have made for this day (just a morning), one with the CP breakfast and the other without. The only other change is that the one with the CP ADR omits Buzz, which we will have ridden on our arrival day (along with the rest of TL).

CP ADR: http://touringplans.com/plans/1293265
Dole whip breakfast :smile: : http://touringplans.com/plans/1264161

Really appreciate all opinions and options I may be missing. Thanks.

I haven’t had a change to look at the plans and I don’t know your dietary restrictions, but if the characters aren’t a huge deal, might I suggest getting a fruit and nutella waffle or spicy chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow around 11am? THey are quite filling. You can grab a quick snack at the resort to hold you over until then and you’ll be able to take advantage of EMH.

ETA: the nutella waffles are available earlier than 11am. I just love that chicken waffle and will gladly wait until 11am for it. LOL

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I tried opening your plan, but I’m being told I don’t have access. Boo!

I would recommend continuing to try for a mid-morning CP ressie. They are hard to come by and your trip is close, that’s true, but people do cancel pretty regularly, especially as the date gets closer. If your plans become available, I’d be happy to take a look. If a character breakfast is very important, you could also check for mid-morning ADRs at Chef Mickey’s and 'Ohana. Both are very popular, so again, the ADR may be hard to come by, but I think it’s worth a shot.

Sorry. Plans have now been published. Really appreciated.


Still getting the “You Do Not Have Access To This Plan” message, unfortunately.

Sorry didn’t realize there was a new URL for the published plans. Let’s try these:

With CP ADR: http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1293265
Without: http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1264161


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Not a ton of time right now, but at first glance, my instinctive reaction is that that 7DMT wait time seems incredibly suspicious. A 12 minute wait after the park has been open for an hour and a half? It strikes me as unlikely…

Yeah, I know and I even asked about it specifically here: 7DMT Wait time anomoly?

You’ll notice that both plans have us waiting until ~8:30 to ride it???

Very bizarre. I don’t think we can assess the plans very well without some more info from @len and @daybreaker re: the accuracy of those times. That said, definitely don’t count on that short of a wait at 7DMT. The wait time for PP on the option w/ CP ADR also seems suspect. 14 minutes when the park has been open two hours? That seems incredibly unlikely as well.

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Did anyone from TP’s get back to you about those wait times? I don’t think we have seen a 12 min wait for SDMT too often, if ever. That’s the Wednesday of Easter week too. It will be busy. I hate to say that those wait times don’t look reliable to me for SDMT or PP.

No. I haven’t heard anything about the TP wait times. I did decide to drop the CP breakfast but I still really want to know about the wait times. If they’re wrong (like REALLY wrong), I’d like to know before I step in the line(s).

I think the easiest thing you could do is watch the wait times yourself on the app during the week or 2 before your trip.

Yeah, I’ll definitely keep running them but it makes it tough to keep ADRs and FP+ if the times are way off.

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