CP and Akershus too much in one day

Trying to fit in 4 TS meals and I can’t find an Akershus for my afternoon/evening at Epcot (have ADR finder set up currently) so I booked for the following evening.
It’s a Friday (party day, not attending party) and we will be headed to MK in the am (snack for breakfast) until early afternoon with a 12:00 lunch at Crystal Palace. Then back to POP to rest, shower, then Akershus that evening for a 7:55pm ressie. Is that enough time between meals that we could still enjoy what we are eating? The next morning we are headed to Blizzard Beach so we won’t have to be up at the crack of dawn. :slight_smile:
I am considering adding the dining plan and the 4 TS I have right now are all Character Meals and DD will get to meet lots of characters! But I want to make sure I am getting the best value and not cramming too much food in on one day.
The 4 I am thinking of keeping are: Crystal Palace, TH, Akershus and 1900 Park Fare Breakfast.

If you are doing character meals like you’ve listed (all excellent), I’ve always felt that the dining plan is worth the money, especially with the $12 glasses of wine I order. The last time I used the dining plan I kept my receipts from my QS and TS meals. The meals cost more than what I paid for the dining plan and I didn’t even figure in the cost of the mugs and the snacks. I think if your lunch is at noon and dinner isn’t until almost 8:00, you’d be ready for another meal–Or at least my family would be.

Yeah I think we will be ready to eat. Not sure how much my DD will eat but I think I will feel better not worrying about the cost! I added up the costs and the TS alone will be more than than the cost of the plan I think. Or it was close to it. And the price is the Akershus dinner will help, lol. And we can go back and shower before the meal since it will be hotter than the surface of the sun in Sept when we go. :rofl:

It really depends on your eating habits. Could you stuff yourself at CP, so that you wouldn’t want to eat the rest of the day? Sure! (I know I have!) I sometimes do a “brunch” time buffet just to fill up and then snack when desired.

So, if you eat sensibly and don’t try to “get your moneys worth” just because it’s a buffet you’ll be fine.

Thanks! I can’t eat a lot at one meal anyway so I am going to try to not stuff my face. :joy: I just want two bites of all the good stuff and I am all set. I know it’s all about the experience anyway!