Covid vaccine and you

Meanwhile in Orlando…


So here’s the thing.

I know someone who is in FL right now who got their second vaccine dose. And they are NOT a FL resident. I am a bit appalled, actually, because I feel like that’s skirting the system that has been set up. But somehow they were able to get around the resident mandate. I know this says Florida Residents, but…


I had always heard this with the flu shot and did the same when I got my first COVID shot yesterday. I had absolutely no pain at the injection site whatsoever.


Exactly the same experience. I thought I was getting Moderna given the schedule but when I found it was Pfizer I asked the pharmacist, and she said something to the effect of “they do that because its easier than having two different schedules for the different vaccines.” I feel better this morning reading that it appears that the CDC is just being strict and 4 weeks rather than 3 doesn’t seem to make any difference for efficacy. Still, the Walgreen’s in my town is known for being kind of a mess so this is just par for the course. Second dose in 15 days! I’m not sure if I’m going to try and reschedule unless Walgreens sends me info about it.

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My wife snagged an appointment today for Saturday as well!


Mine was different it seems, than others.

My initial injection around noon was less painful than flu. Fine most of the day other than the need to take a nap after lunch, which I haven’t done since I stopped taking allergy medicine a couple of years ago.

It wasn’t until the evening of the first shot that my arm decided to get really sore at the injection site, and a little bit in my shoulder. Painful enough that even though it’s my dominate sleeping side, anytime I rolled onto it while I slept, immediately had to switch sides. Not painful enough where I lost any mobility.

24 hours later, back to normal.

I normally have zero reaction to the flu shot, other than a more painful “needle in the arm” moment and light soreness (compared to my Covid vaccine soreness) up to about 2 hours after injection.

Interesting. Even the best experience with the flu shot has my arm being sore (generally mildly so) for a couple of days!

Well, one good thing came out of us postponing our April trip. I am getting a vaccine. YIPPEE!!!


That’s why I thought it prudent to mention that part.

I have no idea if that’s good or bad, but either way I wanted to put that comparison out there.

I only had one “bad” reaction to the flu shot, and quite honestly, I think I just picked up the flu itself in the waiting area before the shot.

I haven’t gotten a Covid vaccine yet, but anytime I do get a vaccine, I find it depends on the person giving the vaccine as to how much pain I have at the injection site. The only exception I’ve found is the tetanus shot. My arm is in pain from that for weeks no matter who has given it. I’ve had flu shots where I barely felt a thing and others that are painful for several days. I always use my non-dominant arm and just make sure I move it around every so often throughout the day.

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I agree. DD12 had a huge reaction to the flu shot last year with a huge welt and rash that I had to outline it was so bad. She got it at her pediatrician’s office. When we went to CVS this year, I mentioned it, and they said it depends on who and how it’s administered and besides a sore arm, there was no reaction at all this year.

As for the Covid vaccine…when J&J was first approved I questioned why someone would get that vaccine vs Moderna and Pfizer. Now I have mine scheduled…for J&J, and I couldn’t be happier!

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This is so true. And it can still be a crap shoot.
I’ve given more injections than I can count, yet six or seven years ago I gave a flu shot to a coworker and he was in so much pain before the shift was even over and it continued for days. I felt so awful and have no idea what I did differently that may have caused it, except that we were both standing and he was a few inches taller than I was. We staff always just give one another our jabs standing in the med room. It was a long time before I would give another injection to a coworker. It was the a horrible feeling to have caused that.

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For some people it is more significant. Our department specifically requested you not get the vaccine the day before an IV room shift due to complaints of arm pain impacting work.

For me it was more sore than a flu shot but not terrible/comparable to a tetanus shot.

And yes I agree with OBnurse, keep your arm as loose as possible. Let it hang down at your side, look away and pretend it’s dead. It helps!


My question is, how does the soreness compare to a flu shot?

Boys and I all think less than the flu shot

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For me and DW, the soreness iin our arm was about the same as a flu shot. However, we both got body aches on the second day that lasted 8-12 hours, which I’ve never had with a flu shot. A nap and a warm bath helped, and we were back to normal by the third day. Totally worth it for immunity.

I get my first shot Thursday! …and then I’ll have to wait up to 16 weeks for the second :crazy_face: (Canada)


I get my second Moderna shot on Saturday. My aunt told me to be super hydrated, well fed, and to take a tylenol beforehand. Tell me, will any of that actually help outside of a placebo effect?

Nice! Those liner skills do come in handy! I originally had my son’s appointment scheduled an hour away from us, I was able to move it up by a day and get it only 20 minutes from home - I had to get up at 4:30am 2 days in a row, but it was worth it!

Biden just announced he wants all ppl to have access to the vaccine on April 19th. It was supposed to be May 1st but many governors have opened it up already.

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In a very short line for my vaccine!