Covid ticket question

How soon in advance do we have to buy our tickets to get into the parks. We really want the kids vaccinated before going and were planning a trip over Thanksgiving. But now we’re not sure 5-12 will be able to get it by then. If we wait until mid September to buy tix (when hopefully new know when they can get vax) will we still be able to get infor Nov 21-29? Or is that waiting too long and we should just scrap it and move it to another time?

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As of right now, Thanksgiving day is the only day that there is not full park reservation availability, with only Magic Kingdom unavailable. The rest of the calendar for the month of November is green, showing that all parks are available for on-site guests. Annual passholders’ availability calendar shows full availability including that day.

This changes frequently, and it is hard to predict whether any other parks will be sold out for that week. It is historically one of the busiest weeks of the year. So I would not delay in purchasing tickets as soon as you feel any degree of certainty that you’ll go. You can monitor park availability here:

Park Reservation Availability Calendar

If you purchase them and don’t go, and they are never used at all, you can always apply the amount you paid for them toward a future ticket purchase.


I would buy them now and book the parks.

If you decide not to go, you can apply the value of the tickets towards new ones or just change the date of them (depending on timing).


Thanks. I didn’t realize you could change the date. We are DEFINITELY going - just not quite sure when. Will buy the tickets tonight :grinning:


I think if you do it before they expire, you can change the date. Of course, if you go at a more expensive time you’ll have to pay extra, and don’t even think about getting a refund if you go at a cheaper time.

If you don’t do that, because you don’t know your new dates for example, you probably have to call and get new tickets. Don’t quote me on that though.

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I’ve looked into this recently as well. You can change the dates up until the day before the valid date range.

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I was fairly sure about that, but good to know for sure.

I wasn’t sure about what you do if the tickets have expired. I assume you need to call in that case.

The latest reports I’ve seen are saying it will be late 2021 / early 2022 before a vaccine is approved for the < 12 kids.

Yes, I was going to say this too - I’m basically going on the assumption that my kids won’t be vaccinated in 2021.