COVID ticket expiring - extension?

Has anyone Tried calling to get this deadline extended? I am planning on calling to see if they will extend it until February, but figured I would see if anyone else has tested the waters yet.

I wonder if having a hotel reservation would make them more likely to do this.

I haven’t seen people who were able to extend, but your credit will definitely be able to be applied to a new ticket. So maybe the $ won’t be that different?

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I just changed my tickets that were expiring in sep a few days ago, they didn’t extend it for free but allowed me to put the value towards new tickets, so I only paid about 130.00 to move my dates to May 2022, I had a 6 day park hopper plus but changed to the 5 day park hopper. Also, I originally bought my tickets from a third party and it was no problem. Just be prepared to wait on hold for a while, took me over two hours to get through and complete the change

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Thank you!