Covid testing coming from Canada

We are coming from Canada and will be visiting WDW in May 2023 with our grandchildren. One child is NOT covid vaccinated. According to CDC ATTESTATION form a child must complete a viral test 3 to 5 days after arriving to the US.

  1. Does anyone know if it is a self test or must it be done officially?
  2. And if we have to get the test officially, is there somewhere in WDW to get it done? If not where would the closest test site be?

Any Canadians that have gone through this recently, your input would be greatly appreciated.

I was surprised to learn that covid attestations are still listed as required for non US Citizens/Green Card holders flying to the US. The relevant part of the exception for unvaxed children in the attestation seems to be:

I’ve read through the Order on which this is based and I see no requirement that the covid test be an “official” one performed at a facility as opposed to a self-administered rapid test, nor any requirement to submit the result. In general the US has been more lenient than Canada about following up with travelers after they’ve arrived on their soil. There is no US equivalent to ArriveCAN-style followup, if that is your concern.

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This is exactly how I read it as well. Thank you. I was hoping that someone that has gone through it at the airport might have some insight. We live 6½ hours away from the airport and I would hate to get there and they turn my one granddaughter away. Can you imagine how devastated she would be.

And an update for you. Canada does not require covid testing, proof of vaccination, quarantine, and does not require ArriveCAN anymore. All you need is a passport. (Unless you are coming from China or Hong Kong)

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I followed up myself and email the CDC. They wrote back and gave me a clear answer. For any International travelers. The short version is:
Unvaccinated children under 18 are excepted from showing proof of vaccination. With restrictions.
Airlines will provide and collect all passengers ATTESTATION.
You do not have to show the childs post-arrival test results (Done 3-5 days after arrival)
And the test can be made with a self-test.

Great news for us WDW here we come.