Covid protocols

Does anyone know what happens if you get Covid while on your WDW trip? Let’s say you have a 10 day trip planned and you start feeling under the weather at some point, enough to decide to get tested. If the test comes back positive, can you quarantine at your resort? Do the rest of your family members keep visiting the parks? What are the protocols in this scenario? On the one hand, I want to be prepared in case this happens to one of us on our family’s Oct trip, but I’d also like to get an idea of what the crowd around us will likely be doing if one of them is infected. I think it’s probably safe to say there will be many cases of “walking covid” any given day at WDW at this point.

“If at any point during their visit a Guest does not meet all of the above criteria, they and their traveling party will be required to isolate and may be relocated or asked to leave the property.”

So that’s what’s supposed to happen. According to Disney, your family members shouldn’t visit the parks in that case. But no idea how much they can enforce any of that. So it would be a bit naïve to rely on it to be happening.

The CDC guidelines are a little more lenient. Exposed, vaccinated members of your party aren’t required to quarantine as long as they are masked and asymptomatic. (Getting tested isn’t really helpful in clearing them as negative if they remain in close contact with the positive case.)

With so many cases, I would suspect most isolating/quarantining is honors system. I can’t imagine the county is able to enforce it and not sure if they would notify your hotel or not. (Anyone? @ppehap?)

Right now, the daily new cases in Orange County is 92/100k. So, nearly 1 out of every 1000 people is contracting Covid every day. Take that times however many people are visiting Disney times being infectious for however many days. (Yes, they may be flying in from places with lower case rates, but with all the CMs living there plus local guests and then the number of guests interacting with locals, I would think it would be fairly close.)

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What has that meant in practice? (Does anyone know?)

From what I’ve read it is handled on a case by case basis by the WDW resort by management. I think temperature monitoring presented more opportunities for further investigation and Disney mgmt insertion into guests ‘experience’. Right now it’s the ‘honor’ system and we already know what that did for us. There are no ‘quarantine police’ in Orange county, FL that go around and monitor what residents or visitors do after a positive test result. NOW, in Hawaii, it’s a totally different story, they do monitor and police visitors. In a few weeks we will be going to Aulani and we are required to present our covid clearances to the hotel management upon arrival.

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And that’s why I wear a mask almost all the time now. Dang.