Coupon Booklet with Magic your Way Packages

Recently I updated my reservation to include room, tickets & dining. We were about 35 days out at the time, we also live in Canada, so we don’t get our magic bands until we get to the resort. I just received our Magic Express information, but we didn’t get the nice little coupon booklet with it.

Question, do you think I can jut request one at the front desk during check in, and also, are Disney Quest vouchers still included since it’s still up and running?


I am interested, too, re: DQ. Last I heard, vouchers were not included (because, presumably, they were not expected to be viable); however, I believe I read that sometimes people had lucked into being allowed in – apparently this wasn’t consistent, and I don’t remember if I read it here or on another site. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

I’ll definitely be asking about Disney Quest vouchers at check in. Can’t hurt, worst they can say is Sorry not included anymore.

I think I read somewhere on the TP blog that Disney Quest are no longer included in packages.

Edited: Mini golf is still included, Quest is not: