Couples dining

I feel like I’ve asked this, but don’t remember and didn’t see anything in my posts so I think maybe I haven’t. DH and I are going by ourselves in September for our 20th anniversary. Our 180 day is tomorrow and I am struggling a bit. We normally go with a large party with 2-7 kids and 3 generations, so my dining strategies are not so applicable!

In particular, we eat lunch at noon that we pack in, head out for an afternoon break, then have a big table service dinner reservation at 4. This brings us back to the park and makes sure that even with delays and ordering etc we are never eating past dinner time, preventing hangries. DH and I are leaning toward a more stay-all-day strategy, although we may also leave for a mid-day beeak as I hear it will be HOT first week of September. We certainly plan to use all EMH. But, dinner we can eat late if necessary, and in fact plan to often in order both to spread out our meals (many lunches we’ll sit down around noon or 1 for an AC break) and to be riding when many others are eating. We think we’ve noticed when we eat at 4 there are some low wait rides around 6 or 7. But, how late should we eat to avoid good touring time? 7:30? 8? 9? Or are we just making up that observation? When you go as a couple, when do you eat dinner? Note we are not foodies, and are not doing any major signature 3hr meals. We don’t think. I guess I’m realizing I don’t know how long to expect Sanaa and Chefs de France to take. If anything I have below is not realistic, please correct me!

Thanks for any advice!

Here’s my tentative plan:
Arrive on train 10am Tue Sept 3, eat lunch at noon at hotel (POFQ), afternoon at Epcot with EMH til 11, dinner at Teppan Edo maybe 7:30pm?

Wed Sept 4 MK with EMH til midnight, lunch at LTT noon, dinner at Tony’s at 7:30pm?

Thur Sept 5 EMH at Epcot, lunch around 12:30 at Coral Reef, evening at DHS (est close 8:30pm), dinner at Raglan Rd late, 9pm? Leave and come back would likely take too long to be worth it. DS boat back to POFQ

Fri Sept 6 EMH at MK, QS lunch there, evening at Epcot with dinner at Chefs de France (est park close 10pm)

Sat Sept 7 EMH at AK, lunch Sanaa (1pm? how late?), evening at MK, dinner at Kona Cafe (late enough to stay for fireworks on beach bc large lunch? park close est 10pm)

Sun Sept 8 EMH at DHS, QD lunch tbd, flight home 5:30pm

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