Couple’s Trip in May!

Just booked flights for a trip for DH and myself! We had to cancel our 10th anniversary trip last fall, so this is a tiny getaway for us now that we are both vaccinated (well, he is half vaccinated but will be fully vaccinated by the time we leave).

We arrive 5/14 around noon & leave late on 5/16. We are staying in the tower at CSR.

We are focused on:
-new attractions (RotR, MFSR, MMRR, Oga’s, etc)
-good food & drink

We hope to hit the booths at F&G, but I would love some recommendations for some great ADRs geared toward adults!


My DH love to do the hunts around EC. We enjoy exploring the areas.


I don’t have any recommendations, but my husband and I are doing the same thing over the same weekend. Also staying at Tower at CSR and really, really hope we get to see all the Galaxy Edge stuff! Hope you two have a great trip!


How exciting!! My family and I will be there that weekend too!

When DH and I went solo last year we really enjoyed exploring FotA at Epcot. DH loves WS and it was nice to stroll, snack and shop without the kids begging for us to buy them something! We did alot of Signature Dining - Narcoossee’s, Flying Fish (our fave probably. Bummer it isn’t open yet!), Tiffins - it was lovely being able to enjoy long dinners and not feeling rushed by the kids wanting to get on with the day.


How fun, and much deserved.

DH and I really enjoyed our date nights in Epcot best. Le Cellier and Chefs de France were our favorite spots to escape being parents for a few hours.

*Editing to add we usually ended dinner with walks around Epcot, enjoying the World Showcase after dark.


Well change of plans already! I got a Hotwire deal on Swan, so we will be there instead. It’s actually perfect since we are planning to mostly do HS/EP!


OOOO! I’m interested in this! What and how did you find this deal? (I promise we won’t stalk you :smile:)


JJT has some great threads here & some posts on the TP blog outlining how to figure out which hotels they are. Here is what I booked.


This trip keeps growing :rofl:

We are now flying out Thursday night. I was able to add a night at Swan for $139.