Counter Service - Take Out Available?

Are you able to have a Counter Service order packaged for take out? Are “to go” boxes/bags available?

For hypothetical example, if I am staying at GF and want lunch from Contempo Cafe, can I have my order packaged “to go”, so I can return to GF to eat…say poolside.

Yes. At most of the places you’ll find that lots of the sides, desserts, and most cold sandwiches and salads are already packaged that way.

I have found that at the resort food courts/CS there are bags and covers to take your food with you. CS in the parks are portable but not packaged to go.

Yeah, I was only thinking of the resort locations.

If you really come down to it, ALL CS, by definition, is “to go”; you pick it up at a counter, and take it “somewhere” to eat.

True… I’ve never seen them chase someone down to get the tray back!

Entrées and other hot foods are usually served on paper plates at CS locations. Contempo Café definitely does this. If you wish to take-out your meal clear plastic covers are available the pop on top of the plate. There are no vents so crispy food may get a bit soft during transportation. They will also give you a bag suitable for holding the plated food, napkins, cutlery, condiments, etc.

I keep on remembering my son in HS in April. I had the 20 month old in Disney Junior and my son and his girlfriend did Star Tours and went to grab food. He texted me and asked if I wanted something to eat. Then he texted a 2nd time and said they had to go to ABC since the 1st place would not “let” them do take out. Who know what they asked? Or how they asked?