Counter service in MK?

My boyfriend and I are doing a 2 day trip from Ft. Myers and we’ll be in MK on 2/25. We currently have a lunch reservation for BOG but I’m wondering if there’s a better counter service option? It’s a short day so we aren’t looking to do table service.

We did BOG last year and enjoyed it but it was nothing too special. We also ate at Columbia Harbor House and felt the same.

If you had to pick one counter service, where would you go?

Sleepy Hollow has a spicy chicken waffle sandwich and it’s super good. That and dole whip, and lunch at BoG were the only things I had in MK during our trip. The potato soup at BoG is really good though.


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I’ve been known to have the nutella fruit waffle for lunch at Sleepy Hollow…


Sleepy Hollow wasn’t even on my radar, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

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Columbia Harbour House is my go to. I’ve been trying to get back to Pecos Bills for years but never seem to make it. They have a good menu with a nice fixins bar.

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Given the choices for CS at MK, I’d stick with CHH for the tuna and chips, or just go old skule, and grab a burger and fries at Cosmic Rays.

I really liked the spicy chicken waffle at Sleepy Hollow, but (be warned) the slaw that comes on it was disgustingly sweet (pet peeve of mine.) I’d easily order it again without the slaw. It was way better and spicier than I thought it would be, PLUS, the little cool seating area with the castle view is nice. I can totally live with the fact that CS at MK is not that great, because…Aloha Isle.

Contrary to popular view - I think Pecos Bill is horriffic.

Totally acceptable!!

I personally needed the slaw to get through the heat, but I’m more of a mild girl, so YMMV.

If you want a break from the park or are willing to step away for a bit, Geyser Point is over at Wilderness Lodge. We ducked away for about 90 minutes and had a delicious dinner in a beautiful location. It is counter service prices but is a bar and grill sort of setup so feels a little nicer.

'nuff said

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We have to leave to drive back to Ft. Myers that evening so we’ll want to maximize park time, but I love spicy so I’m digging the waffle sandwich idea. Never would have thought of it myself!

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