Counter Service and the 2018 Dining Plan

I’m looking for a resource that lays out what food and drinks are eligible for the DDP and which ones are not at counter service restaurants.

I started thinking about this when I was checking out the menu at D-Lux Burger (don’t judge the lack of dining creativity, these burgers look amazing). My assumption is that the Duo entrees are not eligible on the plan but I have not been able to confirm. They also have a laundry list of cocktails and non-alcoholic specialty beverages but I’m not sure what works on the plan and what doesn’t.

I hope to use mobile ordering for all our quick service meals but would really like to get a better idea of what is covered on the plan and what I’ll need to come out of pocket for. Can anyone recommend a site?

Good Question could you not check by looking at the mobile ordering app?

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I was able to get whatever alcoholic drink I wanted last week at quick services and table service. I had a Patron margarita, beers, wines, and mixed drinks. I know one glass of wine was $16.

Did you ever use the mobile ordering? I’m interested in how the payment process works. Do you select the items you want to apply your meal and snack credits to and others that you want to pay cash for? Or maybe you would do two separate orders?

I glad to hear that we are not big drinkers but when in ROME. We are driving in so I will have soda while I drive and extra for the room and one bottle a day for the parks. We will drink free ice water, but with DDP costing what it does and that we got 1 free QS a day with package plus the upgrade to DDP we saved about $600. I will be more than happy to have 1 drink at every meal. DD was told not to give us grief about us having 2 drinks a day. Oh we are staying on property so I will not be driving to the parks just to Disney it self.

@dberry I did not use mobile ordering. The lines were so short last week that I didn’t need to.

I went to DLux in February and the only thing I remember was that the Burger was the meal and if you wanted fries you had to use a snack credit. Was a bit confusing ordering there. I cannot remember how the drinks worked. Sorry I am not more helpful my mind is always scattered :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, I was actually wondering if the Shakes counted as a non-alcoholic specialty beverage more than which boozy drinks I could get.
Buuuuut since @JenniferB1975 mentioned the Patron margarita, I’m probably going to have to give that a try as well.

Oh I had thought fries would count as a side. With QS don’t you get the entree with side? Is it just salads for side?

I believe no side was included I know I had to use a snack credit to get fries. It was very different from other qs.

I’ve read several places that the fries take a snack credit at the D-Lux location. I think you can tell the difference by the description of the entree. At most QS locations, the entree description includes a side.

Excerpt from Backlot express - 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger on a Kaiser Roll served with Carrot Sticks or French Fries

In that case the side is included. At D-Lux, the sides are not included in the entree description.

It’s all pretty confusing IMO. I would really like to find a site that breaks it all down.

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I know this may not be all the details that you are looking for, but have you taken a look at the menus on the Lines app? Granted, it only gives the restaurants in the parks themselves, but each menu does show the little Disney dining plan symbol beside the items that are considered a snack credit. Might help some?