Countdowns for kids

I would love to set up a countdown for my kids (all young so need something visual) for our first Disney trip. Show me your ideas and countdown pictures!

Someone on the Liners FB page shared a picture of the kiddos crossing off days on a massive wall calendar that had been customized with Disney images in each day. The kids took turns being the official “crosser-offer”.

When ds was little I once printed out mickeys and stuck them all over his wall and every night we ripped one down as we got closer… Hahaha it was fun, easy and he loved it!

I’ve heard of people making paper chains. Rip one chain off per day.

My boys like fun facts so I did paper mickey head cutouts with different facts about WDW on the backs so that as they flipped a day, they got a fun fact. I just searched for WDW facts on bing and followed a bunch of links until I had the 75 I was looking for. I hole punched one ear and they would slide them from one side to the other as they flipped. It has been fun to see the one side of the string sagging at the beginning and now it is heavy on the other side as we have only 13 days left. I will try to grab a pic later when I get home from work.