Countdown — When is the worst time?

At what point in your countdown do you feel most stressed / impatient / frustrated?

I’m at five weeks. I’m thinking about my trip a lot, but there’s nothing to do. Everything’s booked and sorted. Five weeks feels like such a long time.

I’d say it’s worse than being, say, five months out. Five weeks is so near but so far.

That being said, I know from previous experience that I often get hit by quite bad depression in the final few days. I’m not sure why.

What about you?

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I’m a little over 2 weeks out and the nightmares started last night…
With EVERY trip i take i dream at least once that we miss our flight - that’s standard. However, because it’s Disney and how much planning goes into it, all the things that can possibly go wrong kicks the dreams into overdrive. Last night i dreamt not only that we missed our flight but when we arrived we went straight to the parks (NOT in the plan) and once we got there, realized we forgot our tix/magic bands… back to the house we went. Then everyone left me while i stayed behind to smear some really old constitution-looking documents w/butter using a butterknife :woman_shrugging:t4: … yeah - NO idea what that means! :laughing: It was when my husband came back for me when i realized that our trip was ruined because we didn’t do anything according to plan, and because we went straight to the park we missed our reservation at Raglan. :scream:
Depression… not so much… More like crazy stress & constant nightmares that everything goes wrong. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!


I’m extremely depressed when it gets to be maybe 3 weeks out b/c I have so much that I have to do to get us there. I’m unhappy right now b/c I’m wishing I didn’t book the trip. I’m the one ,for example, who packs for myself and all the kids so I pack for 4. Just one example. It’s almost impossible to get on the road and I start hating myself for booking any trip when it actually gets close. Hoping it will all be worth it once we get there…it was the first 2 times…but pre SWGE…

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After I get past the 60 day window and book fast passes, I tend to feel like the weeks just drag on. The week before/days leading up to the trip I start to get anxious…just over analyzing everything and hoping all goes well, etc.

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I think the period just after the 60 day mark is hard. I filled it with custom cake ordering and tweaking the t-shirt plans. This week - around 35 days out I ordered all the t-shirts so now I just wait for them to come in and start packing / shipping a box to the resort. I get sad with no planning to do so I shop to fill the void.

Stressed: FP Day
Impatient: Now! I want to be at WDW.
Frustrated: Everyday waiting for ROTR to open and see how it impacts touring. And for December hours to be finalized so I can refresh my plans.

All that said, I am much more chill this year. Last year I was so anxious because I thought it was a big one and done trip. This year it’s gravy - whatever we get to see and enjoy is great - no SDD FP? No problem, we’ll do it on the next trip.


I usually get stressed out before a trip, but this time I was so stressed at work I didn’t have time to get stressed about the trip. so many things I had planned for the trip went out the window when we were there, and oddly it didn’t bother me in the least. That is not really my M.O. I think what helped was DH was really having a great time


I have parents who live near the world, and visit often who made my last 3 weeks much more eventful. They finally- 3 weeks ago they told me they wanted me to go ahead and get the same FPP for them as I got for us, and our first park day is the day after tomorrow. They also wanted me to get them added to our BOG reservation which is at 6:00 on a party night. Then last week they told me that they want to come to the meal that we had scheduled as a F!DP meal, but did not want the F! seating. It is all fixed now, but it took some rearranging, and kept me busy.

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I’m in the dreaded post ADR day but months away from fast pass. Too far away to get too excited. The last two months are nice because it’s so close! Lots to Do.

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Whoa. Well yes. That would fill the time up.

We are 24 days out and I’m so anxious to get there because it’s all planned but dragging on! I think I’m more worried about the let down and depression after we return home, but at least Christmas will be right around the corner so that will keep me busy.

Big co-sign on this!

After FP bookings I scheduled as much as I want to, so now I’ just eagerly waiting for RotR to open and wishing there’d be some kind of EMH at HS…

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