Countdown pictures


Haha, you are so right! And as a matter of fact that is what she wanted for graduation! A really nice down coat. We have to stop in Charlotte to pick it out on our way down to WDW.


When I went to college my mother gave me a down comforter. My dorm room was so cold but I was toasty.
DD graduates next month and we were going to get her a digital camera she just asked me how much the one my father has cost (my father had his own photography business). So back to the drawing board because she does not want a $100-$200 one more like $600 one.


Oh boy! I guess not. Is this the young speed demon? :grin: (Mine was the texting-and-driving-at-night-on-the-interstate demon). Just goes to show, they do wise up. I hope your DD has a great time in her new job, too. It’ll be a fun summer all around.


Yup we only have the one. I’m going to have to sit down with her and see what she wants in a camera. I looked on groupons and they are still expensive. I saved $800 on my computer getting it through them but cameras are only a savings of maybe $50.


You would think they’d be less expensive, with phone cameras getting so much better now. I saw some photos on one of the threads here with really amazing pictures shot on a new phone.










I’m so close now, that I’m starting to count half-days!


Love it!



It must be Roman Numeral Day:

Aaaaannnndddd that’s it for me. We’re flying out today for graduation, then WDW. See you on the other side!


Have so much fun pod!





All right, I’ve decided I’m going to join in and play along.