Countdown pictures


That’s a tiny little 316. I could book our DVC stay now (yay!) but I need 3 little one time use points so I have to wait. And I’m hoping there might be space at AKL or BR. 3 more months for me to be indecisive about our resort.



Not so sure that awesomest is a word!





Out of curiosity, what search string are you all using to find images? When I type in a number and Disney, I get a bunch of Disney stuff without the number (usually) included. When I type the number, no Disney, I find a lot of stuff that is completely unrelated to anything. But here, lots of people are finding Disney-related images with numbers…so apparently I’m not giving the RIGHT Google search string!


See ya later triple digits!!!


I used “Disney image number 99”, but ymmv :slight_smile:


Interesting. I just tried the same search, and scrolled through ALL of the images Google provided, but NONE of them was the image you just posted.


Fascinating—google doesn’t want you to post Disney pictures with numbers, I guess. :laughing: It was 5th image in my return. The first was of AK with a 99 on it and then there were 3 that were Disney but not 99 and then that one.


Well, in that case, since we all know that Google knows everything, I guess I won’t argue:


I have the same issue. I mostly just type the number and hope to get something funny. You have to be careful though, especially if you are at work. I guess I either have a pure heart or was particularly absent-mined that day but I almost gave myself a heart attack on D-Day minus 69…


You should set Google to default to SafeSearch turned on, to prevent such accidents.


Something sweet since next week will be 21 years with DH (he proposed to me at WDW and we honeymooned at WDW). :blush:



Good idea. Does it really work ? Anyway, not gonna test it here at work LOL


I type in “disney images of” and then the number.


I go to and type Disney AND the number.


Single Digit Day!!!




So the question now becomes, why do the results I get not match the results others are getting?

I even tried using Private/Incognito mode in case there is some cookie stored in my browser or something, but the results were the same.

I think Google just doesn’t want me to countdown with Disney! Sigh

To be fair, I get Disney images, and maybe one or two has the number in it. I noticed yesterday, for example, that it was returning a ton of Disney images that had one of the dimensions at 515 pixels. So, from now how, you’ll probably have to count image width to know how many days I have left! :wink:


Perhaps your number is too high and there aren’t a lot of Disney pictures