Countdown pictures


Part of the “fun” of the ever-lasting agonising wait for departure day is changing the wallpaper on my iPhone. I google whatever number it is, find an image I like, and set it as my wallpaper.

I especially like the one I found for today.


This applies to today and my age so that’s nice. I wasn’t very happy last week (before 30) but now I’m OK with it.


I know you’re not sailing, but DCL (Disney Cruise Line) has a countdown app. You set the date for the countdown, so it’s not tied to any purchases. You could download it, if you wanted. It’s the DCL (or Disney) Navigator.

Now, if you were taking a DCL cruise, you would also use it while on board to check menus and events that are going on, so it’s more than a countdown clock.

By the way, have you thought about adding a few days to your trip and hopping on a 3 or 4 day cruise on the Disney Dream?


It’s kind of hard to get too excited about this.


Its a countdown. Ao that is something to be excited for.


…and also my age (today!)70e2d464b0f8ba917ebf78ff18da02fc--movie-cars-the-movie


That’s true, and I am excited, but it’s hard to maintain it constantly for 470 days :joy::joy:


Happy birthday!


Sorry…not my birthday…I meant…that’s my current age (until July!)


Haha! It was the ‘today’ that threw me.


But HOW COOL to have “HERBIE THE LOVE BUG” show up!!!


image Here’s mine today - I wasn’t keeping track, so I didn’t know I was at a “milestone” until I came across this thread!



Appropriately enough, this came up when I searched “36”


Fitting given your name. :slight_smile: I’ve given birth to two beautiful, healthy children, but have never been 36 weeks pregnant. I love my preemies. They are now 12 and 9. Thank you for being an OB nurse!!!



It is entirely my pleasure!

This last weekend it seemed we were not in the business of term births - several pretermers. We keep NICU in business.

As for my own experience, I’ve only ever known what it’s like to go to 42 weeks. Yup. Both times. Buggers…



Good lord woman! It’s a wonder they didn’t burn up with all that extra time in the oven.


It wasn’t my idea!


How about this for 40: