Countdown on hold, but not ready to mourn yet

My trip is supposed to start June 28. No one can predict what the world will look like by then, but I strongly suspect that Disney World be open, whether or not it will be possible or prudent to put my family on a plane to take a vacation there.

I had been using this trip as the thing to help get me through a difficult year, and I booked through David’s DVC rental, so not going will mean no Disney and no refund. And every day my kid keeps telling me all the things we’re going to do in Disney World!

How are you getting through this not-knowing but probably not-going? You know, on top of the general stress and mess of life right now.

I too had a rotten year. Funny isn’t it how many of us turn to Disney in the tough times? Anyway, how am I dealing with not-knowing? By setting my alarm to get up this morning and book my FP of course! In my case there is no harm in daring to dream. My heart goes out to you since you might have to disappoint your child!

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We are supposed to go in May, but I doubt it will happen. We have a back up resort and dining booked for August. I would just have to switch the flights and tickets. We did a practice/just in case FP morning. We are sad, but we are looking at the bright side of the possible date change of our trip.

If Disney is fully open, we are going. I’m just as likely to pick up any virus at DW as on a plane.

I am getting ready to move an April trip and likely moving it to July. Just trying to remind myself that even if I don’t get to go when I plan to go, I will get to go eventually. This will not go on forever.