Countdown App for iPad/iPhone

What apps does everyone like for countdowns? I have 2 on my iPad and even though I entered the same date they give me two different countdowns TWO days apart. I like seeing the countdown go down each day even though I know I could just keep track on a paper calendar.

Which ones do you guys like?

I use this one


I use one called WDW Countdown, but I like the look of @pod's better!

PS, @pod4christ - Love the avatar!!

Thanks! smiley

That is the one I added today @pod4christ and it is telling me I am 100 days out when the other had me at 98. Going to count days on the calendar now. We will see which one is correct. I hope it is yours. I like the look of that one much more.

It's common for apps to be a day apart. It depends on how they count them. For example some count hours so your count may be 29 days 6 hours (& just show the 29 days) while another will count any hours as a full day & say 30 days. Hope that makes sense. But I've never seen apps 2 days apart.

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Any of them track more then 1 countdown ?

@pod4christ it is one day apart. I realized I put our first park day (and not our late evening arrival the day before) as the date on the new app in an effort to keep track of my FPP date. I changed it so that one says 99 now, but I like the 98 day count better. smile

For multiple countdowns I use this on my Android phone

I just use a calendar. On my trip to the grand canyon, I had days to trip and the days left that I had to work. In 19 days we head to Indianapolis. DH is doing GENCON and paying most of the expenses. The GENCON website has a countdown on it.

I use WDW Countdown. It serves its purpose. I like that the picture changes every time I open it. thumbsup