Could you please share your MK 1 day plans?


We have always had two days for MK so I am really struggling with one. I have tried putting together a plan here and it has us doing a lot of backtracking. I am wondering if you had a plan you used successfully and could share with me? I’d love any help! Thank you.


Each plan’s steps will be rather varied from day to day and person to person based on preferences as well as on day of the year. If you’re looking for something truly tried and true, the canned plans from UG are a good place to start and can be optimized to your dates.


I did do that first. It seems to have quite a bit of backtracking all over the place unfortunately.


You can change the slider under the general information box to reflect “less waiting” or “less walking” Set it to less walking to cut down on backtracking.



I will give that a try. Do you usually follow the FP+ recommendations from the plan as well?


Not always. I tend to look at what the longest wait is expected to be and go by that. Often, though, the recommendations will line up with that.


Thank you again! Much appreciated.


My pleasure.