Could this be right for Soarin wait time on a crowd day of 8?

We’re looking to be at Epcot in early June and decided on a day when it has morning EMH only because that’s the way it’s worked out in order to make sure we get to HS on a day under 9. We won’t use the EMH though as we have a late night the night before. My TP has us doing Soarin’ first arriving around 8:45 and the wait time is saying only 11 mins around 9am. Do you think this would be accurate on a crowd day of 8 with morning EMH? It doesn’t seem long at all. I was expecting big waits.

It definitely seems low to me; however, if all three theaters are working then you could be hitting that sweet spot where the EMH folks who rope dropped have already been through and the 9:00am crowd hasn’t been let in yet so the crowd is lower than expected. Hard to say. Touring Plans rarely leads me astray, and when it does it is because a ride broke down or there was something out of the ordinary (like the day we waited 30 minutes in the Fast Pass line to see Mickey when it was supposed to be a 10 minute wait…but it was Mickey’s birthday so I chalked it up to that.)

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It does seem low for a CL8 on a morning EMH day. The ride will have been operating for nearly an hour by the time you get there, so I’d expect waits to be at least 30 minutes by then, if not more.