Could Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman be coming to Walt Disney World in the future?

That would be a stunning turn of events. I’m somewhat skeptical as I think the potential upside of DC offerings makes the HBOMax portion far more enticing as a streaming service. I’d think DIS would need to overpay to entice the new Discovery/WB/HBOMax entity want to part with that asset…

Can you translate that please?

Are you saying Disney would only buy the channels / streaming rights, not the rights to use the characters, like Marvel? Does anyone other than DC have the rights to the characters currently?

I know Disney and Marvel is a convoluted agreement, but isn’t that because the rights to the main characters had already been sold to Universal?

6 Flags use the characters don’t they, some of them at least. No idea on what basis.

I’ve never been to a 6 Flags, you may well be correct.

Sorry - currently AT&T owns the rights to all the DC Comics stuff through Warner Brothers and those movies are currently streamed on HBOMax which AT&T also owns.

AT&T has announced they are essentially spinning off all of those media assets (including CNN etc.) that they bought only a few years ago via a merger with Discovery. I think the announced details are AT&T owners have ~70% of the new entity ownership & Discovery the other 30%.

The thought was the new Discovery combines their new streaming efforts with HBOMax etc. and becomes somewhat compelling as a challenger to DIS+ & Netflix et. al. That streaming angle makes a lot of sense to me and sans DC the product is far less compelling I would think. So I’m skeptical that the rumor that Discovery immediately sells DC to Disney as somewhat illogical.

Unfortunately I have no idea on the theme parks licensing rights for the DC characters.

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Yes DC superheros are widely represented at six flags…at least herebin NJ

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I haven’t either but there’s definitely a Superman ride at one and a Green Lantern ride at another (or maybe the same one).

Six Flags rides with DC Theming is quite extensive

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Here’s an excerpt from a 6 Flags investor page:
Our licensing agreement with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products allows Six Flags the exclusive theme park rights to many of the world’s greatest cartoon characters and super heroes, from Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes friends to DC Comics Super Heroes BATMAN, ROBIN, THE GREEN LANTERN, WONDER WOMAN, and THE FLASH, enabling Six Flags to offer our 33 million guests a full character program, including character meet and greets, meals, photograph and autograph opportunities, and new retail options.

I haven’t been able to find how LONG the agreement runs though so I’m not sure if Disney bought DC, if they could use anything in the theme parks anytime soon. This sounds more exclusionary than the current Universal/Marvel East coast deal where Disney can still use Marvel characters in DisneyLand though. Which makes me even more skeptical…

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I don’t see how this would be possible. I think Disney would be considered too big to allow that move to go through.

Agreed. This would definitely be denied by the feds due to anti-trust laws (and rightfully so). Now, licensing them and using it to bargain with Universal to get the Marvel brand back from them would be an interesting play. I’m not sure it is even possible, but a fun thought.

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