Could anyone lend me $849,000

Whoa. This…explains…everything!

(I’m the youngest of seven, so almost NOTHING I ever got growing up was my own! :wink:

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It really does. Plus, it’s not my fault. So I can behave badly and blame my parents for it. It’s win:win.

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What are property taxes like in the UK? I do have to say that the taxes on this house seem more reasonable than I was expecting.

High (relatively) if you’re poor and low (relatively) if you’re rich.

All residential properties are assigned to a band, from A to H. Which band your property is in is based on its value on 1st April 1991. If your property was built after that, they figure out what it would have been worth.

How much you pay is then calculated as follows. A figure is calculated for band D. Band A properties pay two-thirds of this amount, and band H properties pay double the amount. And the others pay something in between.

Because band H is the highest, all houses above the threshold for band H, no matter how far above the threshold, pay the same. So people living in super-luxury houses pay the same as people living in very nice houses. They’re “only” paying triple what people in very horrible houses pay.

I live in a three bedroom, semi-detached house, with a small garden, in the suburbs. I’m in Band C. I get a 25% discount because I live on my own. I pay about $140 a month. Incidentally, it is the occupier who pays, not the owner.

Do they have a slide into that pond?!? Hell no.

But you’d get lonely, all by yourself in a place that size.

Far better to share it with some people who share the same obsession, er interests, as you. Now I wonder where you could find some?


Oh, I forgot to answer your original question.

Yeah, I can lend you the money. Heck we can even negotiate a reduced interest rate in return for visitation rights, so to speak.

But obviously we need to be careful with that amount. So if you could just let me have your name, address and bank account details, I’ll arrange a transfer.

Oh, and no need for the PIN, but if you let me know your banking password I can check the money gets there OK.


That does sound like it’ll make it a very simple transaction from my end — thanks!

(I’m laughing now because I can’t wait for you to get access to my bank account thinking how you’re going to scam me and then see how there’s nothing in there because I’ve spent every last penny at WDW.)


There are a huge amount of subscribers, but a small percentage use chat or forum.

Just the elite then?


I’m going to estimate that 1% of subscribers use the forums, of whom 1% are active posters.

I have to admit…that’s actually pretty cheap for a mansion. Around here smaller places start at like $1.6M

Put me down for a fiver.


There is the slight issue that the house isn’t actually for sale.

But I don’t think that makes it less likely that any of us will be moving in any time soon. Especially me.

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What did I do now?!

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For real, in a place like that? It’d take weeks before they’d even suspect I was there.

Well…maybe they’d notice once someone fixes the kitchen mural… but I’m pretty stealthy.

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You know what you did.

Of course.

I’m in the elite?! ::Blushing::



She was clearly talking about me.

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But I didn’t enjoy it