Could anyone lend me $849,000

I want to buy this:


No, but if we all banded together and put 10 dollars each in we could buy it and make it the official Liners club house.


Oh c’mon! We all know that’s approximately your annual spend on Disney trips. You can afford it! And then you can have all of us over for a party!


Well, maybe not all. Ahem.


So that is a LOT of money for a teeny, ugly little kitchen and an hour away from Disney!


If you don’t like my new kitchen, you don’t have to come stay in my new house!

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Lol, I’m reading further and there is a MUCH nicer kitchen. I wonder if the crummy one is in like the pool house or something.

Here is the Zillow listing…

You’re gonna need Gator repellant!

I’m about to turn unnecessarily serious here.

But at $10 each, that would imply three are at least 84,900 liners. I’m fairly sure there are no where NEAR that many. But let’s say there are 8,490 liners (which seems more probable, although I’m doubtful). That means we each pay $100.

But with 8,490 liners, and we assume that people are allowed to stay ONE NIGHT. It would take 23 years for everyone to visit once. Of course, it looks big enough that perhaps more than one liner could visit at a time. Let’s say 5 visit at a time. That’s still only 1 night every 4 1/2 years or so.

Of course, the math could be done much more cleanly if we knew how many actual liners there were. (And, not to mention, additional family members.)

I don’t know how we got onto the idea that I would be sharing this property with others. The proposition was this: you people give / loan me $849,000. I live there. On my own.


Yeah, I’m going to need extra dollars to build fencing. That place is a nightmare.

Loan, eh? I’ve got great interest terms for you. I’ll loan you money toward the purchase of the home at an annual interest rate of, oh, 50%. And if you miss a payment, the property rights revert to me. But that’s fine. You’ll not miss any payments, I’m sure.

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How rude. I thought that being British it was your duty to invite me because it is polite, quietly hate having me there, and then badmouth me after i leave.


I’ll sweeten the deal even more for you. Let’s have the repayment term be 1,000 years. That way you’ll get vast amounts of interest.

Oh. I figured that would make the repayments tiny. It really doesn’t. They’re huge.

I guess this is why the Bible, ahem, takes a dim view of lending money for interest.

So you’re saying you have the money? You can buy the house yourself then!

Ok, how about we allow 849 of us at 1000 dollars each or 425 at 2000 each. That´s doable?

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I heard somewhere that gators climb fences. Perhaps you can take fencing lessons you keep the gators away with a sword?

I meant a Wall. A beautiful Wall. I’ll make @quicha pay for it.


Are you suggesting he start the @mousematt vacation club?

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How are people not getting this? I don’t share. I’m an only child. Can’t you tell?