Costumes on MNSSHP days

We are going to be at MK on Halloween. Can the kids wear their costumes all day or do they have to wait till 4pm when the partygoers star entering?

I would assume kids can pretty well costumes whenever since they do that on normal days with princesses and pirates and others.

@cartooned I think it is officially 10 and under or 12 and under that are allowed to wear costumes any day to the parks. DL and WDW have slightly different ages listed officially on their websites. Basically if your child is 12 but looks young still, they can get away with it easily. Once they get older/taller…they can’t look too much like a real character on regular days at parks (some adults/teens come fully costumed and are turned away). My family went to MVSHP last year for our first time and at 4 pm MANY people (kids and adults) were already in full costume and allowed in.

I was wondering this too since it will be my first MNSSHP. We will be there on Halloween night as well. But no kids, just my sis and I. Pretty sure my kids will never speak to me again if they find out. Shhhh. :wink:

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My sister and I left our kids at home and went to disney for the MNSSHP. I don’t regret it for a second. So many fun memories. We were tweedle dee and tweedle dum! :slight_smile:

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I love that idea @michellough. My sis is set on being Ariel so I am either doing Belle (blue Provincial dress) or Ursula but as I was planning to just wear a fun Halloween tee this is a lot for me. I wanted to be an original Mouseketeer (namely Annette) but my sis says I need to theme with her. She’s a little bossy.

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Me too!!! My kids and DH don’t know! Not sure of costume yet.

We are wearng t-shirt costumes ( I am gonna be wonder woman & boys are gonna be hulk & superman). Should be light & easy to tour parks!

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We are going to be there on Halloween too! I’m glad you asked this, because I hadn’t even thought about it. I guess we’ll be bringing in our costumes. Yikes!

For those of you going to MNSSHP this year, what are you going to be???!!

I wasn’t planning on dressing up but I have recently found the “magic” of aprons from Etsy.

Keep this thread alive! I need ideas!!!

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My family of 5 are going as the Incredibles on 9/28… Yippee!! :slight_smile:

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This is what I will be wearing.

Plus adding a few flares to make it look better. And stay a bit cool.


Think I’m doing Cheshire Cat.