Costumes at Halloween Party

I am going for my first trip to Disneyland and I am going to the Halloween Party. I was wondering if most people dress up for the party there or if I would look funny dressed up (I am going solo).

Yes, most people dress up. When we went I thought the people who weren’t dressed up seemed out of place. Wear that costume and have fun!

Thank you, Wahoohokie! I will. Now I have to get my costume! :smile:

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I think dressing up adds to the fun. I was Mary Poppins @ last years party and was pleasantly surprised at how many people stopped to talk with me while in costume.

Agreed! Dressing up is oh so fun at the Halloween parties. I would have felt out of place in anything less than a simple costume.

Dress up !! Just being in Downtown Disney watching the costumes was so exciting that there was no way we’d miss it this year.
Have a blast