Costumes and MNSSHP

So we’re planning to do MNSSHP in mid-October and I’ve read the costume guidelines. However, we’re planning to arrive at MK around 1pm (we’re AP). Do the adults need to pack the costumes away until 4? or 2 since DVC can come in at that time? We’ll need something packable anyway since we’re doing the Bon Voyage Brunch and then will probably walk through Epcot and take the monorail over and I’m guessing costumes would be not allowed at all in Epcot.

I saw plenty of costumes all over the parks on even non-party days(which left me a bit confused). I think so long as they don’t violate guidelines, you are free to wear them all day and anywhere.

I think it depends on what is your costume. If you are wearing a full princess costume, they might not let it go (if you are an adult, of course). However, disney inspired t-shirt or other costumes should be fine.

Worst case, you could change at the Boardwalk and grab a bus for MK from there.