Cost of Adding Genie+

So, I’ve seen people saying that adding Genie+ to their entire stay ends up costing more than the $15+tax per person because they end up having to pay the ticket price difference if prices have gone up since they purchased. Is this true in all cases or only if you purchased tickets separately from a package?

We booked a package through Disney (resort stay and tickets) for this August ages ago (was originally a March 2020 trip!) and I assume ticket prices have gone up. If I add Genie+ to the whole stay, will it mean I have to pay the new price on tickets? Or am I only adding the $15 pp since it’s part of a package?

I have seen the reports of this as well. I just added genie + to my package a few days ago. Because of my complicated reservation that I made before ticket price increases I had to call to make changes. The guest relations CM on the line took a rediculous amount of time working on it which i thought was wierd. She apologized it was takimg so long and explained to me that she had to go in and adjust all the prices for me so I wasnt hit with an increase for adding genie + for which I thanked her. So long story short I did not pay extra. I would Call to add.


Thanks for the information. Glad to know that it can be added without changing the ticket prices. I will be talking to my travel agent next week, so I will probably get her to add it, making sure it doesn’t add more then the $15 per person.


We took a trip in March with park tickets purchased through Tripster. When I added Genie+ after the fact, I had to pay the difference between what the WDW ticket price was on the date I purchased them and the current price. Genie+ ended up costing me more than if I had added it each day, but I did it for convenience.
This past week, we used APs, so I had no choice but to purchase it each day. Honestly, it is so easy to add each day, I would never pay more again. Don’t be intimidated, it is very easy!


I’d like to add G+ in advance for the convenience, but I am definitely not willing to add even more to the price than the $15 per person. If my TA can’t get the same result that @vblank got, we’ll just add it on a day by day basis. Glad to hear that was easy to do for you!

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Ran into this problem on our latest trip. Couldn’t at Genie + to all days without paying for an increase in tix prices. It actually worked out, we didn’t buy Genie + every day and the days we did, it was very easy to do before 7am. Didn’t see much need for Genie + at Epcot or Animal Kingdom but really enjoyed it at MK and HS